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Nigerian film actress, Georgina Onuoha has opined that her colleague, Yul Edochie’s recent episodes with his second wife, Judy Austin is simply an opportunity to revenge on his first wife, May.

Yul Edochie and Judy had reconciled hours ago after sharing a video where the latter hailed her husband. Recall they shared posts where they were arguing days back.

Captioning the latest video, the movie star, who has lost the admiration of many with his constant behavior on social media advised women to follow his wife’s path by praising their husbands.

He wrote on his verified Facebook page:

“To all women married or in a relationship, this is how to hype your man.”

This video, like many others didn’t sit well with Georgina Onuoha who took to a blog’s comment section to blast him for his childish behavior.

She insinuated that Yul is a broken man who is only displaying his stupidity after rejection by a woman he calls and begs every day.

Georgina added that the actor’s fragile masculinity has been injured by May and that’s why he is now grasping for revenge and hype from another person.

She wrote:

“When you see a broken man, rejected by a woman he calls and begs every day displaying this level of stupidity and acting as the scum of the earth, it’s a sign of weakness, pain and fragile masculinity that is injured.

All you are seeing is a wounded man, who self harmed and is now grasping for revenge and hype from a wretched wench. Rejection by a good woman sure does hurt.
See how low he sank.”