Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2023

Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2023

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Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2023: On December 5, 2023, Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, commonly referred to as Winners Chapel, delivered an impactful sermon at the annual church program, Shiloh 2023. The message, titled “Gateways to Flourishing in Hard Times,” focused on the theme of “A Call for Spiritual Renewal Towards Flourishing in Hard Times.”

The overarching theme for Shiloh 2023 is “Redeemed To Flourish In Hard Times.”

Here are 20 Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2023:

1.  Life is not a funfair, life is a warfare.

2 We live in a thinker’s world, thinkers rule the world; Submission is from the heart.

3. God can only prosper the works of your hand, not your calling.

4. Faith loses potency when good conscience is lacking.

5. “Spirituality is the anchor to every great destiny in life”

6. Walking with God is slow but sure. It’s better to be slow and sure than to be fast and fall.

7. It is better to be slow and sure than to be fast and fall.

8. Everything works when you sustain a quality walk with Jesus Our walk with God is primary while our work for God is secondary It’s better to be slow and sure than to be fast and fall.

9. “There’s where to stand for God to be a father to you. You cannot live anyhow”

10. Our inheritance demands sanctification for delivery.

11. You lose everything when you lose your stand with God.

12. Sin may be pleasurable, but if you live and walk in it, you are dead!

13. It is not enough to be born again, you must endeavour to stay alive in Christ by denouncing sin in all its ramifications

14. Your inheritance demands sanctification for delivery.

15. Not every open door is God’s door, many are traps in disguise!

16. ‘It is your spiritual stand that determines your flourishing in hard times.

17. Faith loses its potency where good conscience is lacking.

18. In these days of darkness, light is the only way out

19. Nothing flies in hard times like the fear of the Lord.

20. Activity is not same as Spirituality: A Calling is not same as Spirituality.

Shiloh 2023 began on Tuesday, December 5 to Sunday 10th December 2023. Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2023:

Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2023
Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2023

60 Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo

1. “God only confirms the words we receive and believe – not just what we write down.”

2. “Until a man is born-again, his praise is mere noise or religious entertainment. Only the living can praise the Lord.”

3. “It is not a sin to go to hospitals or take medications. But if you are not sick, you won’t need it. It is paying all over again (when) someone already paid for it with His life.”

4. “Prayer is a ‘closet’ ministry; it is a ministry of the secret place, but God rewards you openly. Praying for others is a hidden treasure.”

5. “Your harvest is not in view until your prayers rise up to heaven.”

6. “Wearing a long face shows you still have a long way to go, therefore, rejoice in the Lord, and again I say, rejoice!”
7. “Don’t settle for grammar, go for power! The enemy does not respect grammar, but power. He does not respect your titles, wealth, etc., but power!”

8. “Until you’re saved, you are not a child of destiny; you are a child of chance, (you are simply dust!) and the devil has the authority to feed on your life…New birth is a MUST to fulfill destiny.”

9. “It is the planting of a seed that gives value to the seed…it is your ‘plantedness’ that determines the levels of your fruitfulness.”

10.“If you are not in the position to be on the go preaching, you must be on your knees praying.”

11.“Christianity is a faith of responsibility. It is a covenant-based faith. For, any provision in redemption has a set of conditions to be met before they are delivered.”

12.“Soul-winning turns ordinary people into extra-ordinary giants because you are engaging in what touches God the most.”

13.“Until you pass the test of dedication, your vision has no future…when you pass His dedication test, you can’t miss His manifestations. Until you arrive at the point of dedication, you are not free from frustrations.”

14.“Every soul-winner is on God’s payroll and the pay package is far beyond monetary values.”

15.“Every soul-winner is a kingdom fisherman. There’s a coin in the mouth of every fish caught. Every soul won to Christ is entitled to a pay. But until the fish is caught, you can’t access the pay.”

16.“Love is stronger than faith. Faith will provoke divine manifestations, but love will bring God down in person, for he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God and God in him. God will manifest Himself in response to your faith, but you become a manifestation yourself when you are soaked in the love of God.”

17.“Divine plan is useless without divine insights.”

18.“Until you decide to give God His place, you are not qualified for your place. If you won’t hear what He is saying, He won’t hear you when you cry.”

19.“Every man needs oil in his lamp. The oil in my lamp cannot lighten your lamp. You need oil in your own lamp to be able to dominate the power of darkness.”

20.“No ‘word-lazy’ man can fulfill destiny; no word-lazy man has a future.”

21.“Kingdom service stands out as the most profitable in all endeavours in life. By going after One Thing, you are put in command of ALL these things.”

22.“Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do and doing it; knowing the right way to go and going there.”

23. “It’s the blessing of God that makes rich, not the smartness of man.”

24.“You carry an enviable destiny, you are not permitted to live a pitiable life…You have a greater-than-Solomon destiny.”

25.“Dedication implies a deadly commitment to the Caller and then the calling.”

26.”In the early church, sickness was not part of their identity…it was alien to them. And I can tell you this: this is one of their mysteries – they were breaking bread daily so they had their health insurance constantly updated.”

27.“You can’t walk in His plans and miss His backing…A baby lion is at rest hanging around the mother lion.”

28.“When God send you on a mission, He goes before you, He walks with you, He works through you and He works for you.”

29.“The spirit man is the engine of the man. The soul is the gear box and the body is the body of the vehicle. The body is useless when the engine knocks.”

30.“Through the Communion, we enjoy a mind transplant.”

31.”It (the communion) can attack cancer ONLINE; then it will devastate it ‘ON-GROUND’.”

32. ”The Communion is a spiritual medium of blood transfusion. So your corrupt blood is being replaced by His incorruptible blood. Jesus knew no sin so his blood is not only the white blood; it is the whitest blood; the stainless blood, and what the white blood corpuscles do is to attack the strangers of the body.”

33.“You can’t be truly sold out to God and not stand out on earth.”

34.“Giving becomes a delight when your life becomes a gift.”

35.“You can’t give yourself wholly and not experience God fully.”

36. ”Jesus is an all-rounder: He does not only heal the living, He raises the dead.”

37.“The ‘if I perish, I perish company’, are the ones that flourish.”

38.“He must be Lord of all or He is not Lord at all.”

39. “It is your heartbeat for God that determines your beats on the earth.”

40. ”The dominion of light over darkness is instant. When you turn on the light, darkness disappears.”

41. ”Before the fall, Adam was operating at God’s intellectual frequency.”

42.”Redemption does not only impart on our spirit, it imparts on our mind and the body because He is also the Saviour of the body.”

43. ”Every act of the Holy Ghost is a sudden act. When you don’t catch it when it comes, you lose it. You need to be quick-witted.”

44.”…we talk about the white blood corpuscles in science which are called the soldiers of the body which attack any enemy that attacks your body. But the Blood of Jesus is the whitest blood. It is the stainless blood of the Lamb…when you take the blood; you’re taking in the divine white blood corpuscles. It goes inside to launch an attack against your attackers so as to set you free.”

45.” Anything Christ had paid for that is still tormenting you is illegal.”

46. ”If you don’t know better than your enemy, he will take you for a ride. Let God be true and all sciences be lies.”

47. ” There are many destinies that won’t be fulfilled until some are crushed.”

48 “The greatest enemy of the believer is not the devil; the greatest enemy is spiritual ignorance…The cure for spiritual ignorance is divine revelation.”

49. ”It is the prayer of faith that heals, not the prayer of days.”

50. ”A man is as old as he thinks. Abraham believed in a future at age 75. Moses took off on the liberation mandate at the age of 80. At 65, Darius took the ring…”

51.”If you believe it, then show it. (With the corresponding action). When your actions don’t align with what you claim to believe, it is fake.”

52. “If you are a pastor, show it by ‘pastoring’ productively, not by traveling extensively.”

53.“Every other spiritual gift will lose value if the spirit of holiness is not in place. (It’s just a matter of time). Solomon had a unique gift of the spirit of wisdom but he lacked the spirit of holiness…and he crashed; Samson had the spirit of might but the spirit of holiness was not there … and he crashed.”

54. “The moment God can trust that you will not misbehave with His supplies, He will put them across…It’s your capacity rating that determines what He puts across to you.”

55.“Ambition is your aspirations; vision is God’s plan for you…Nobody ever fulfills destiny walking outside of God’s plans…Those who wander away from God-ordained plans are reserved for the blackness of darkness.”

56.“There’s a concoction of scriptures that compels God to give you audience. Strong reasons are as a result of strong search.”

57.“When you are away from the body (through fasting), you are at rest with the Lord.”

58. “A walk with Jesus is a profession; it is business engaging in word practice. Serving God is big-time business. Fasting is big-time business for high-level profiting.”

59.“Not every prayer is answered. Secure His attention by praying according to His will via His word. Any prayer that is void of “it is written” is null and void.” 60.“The place of the promotion of God’s kingdom in your prayer life determines the answer you receive to your own prayers.” “No one lacks what he shares; you only lack what you keep. So, share your prayer life.”

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