Rahman Jago Biography: Net Worth, Age, Songs, Girlfriend, Cars, Tribe

Rahman Jago Biography: Net Worth, Age, Songs, Girlfriend, Cars, Tribe

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Rahman Jago Biography: Rahman is a famous musician and one of Nigeria’s greats, Rahman Jago was born on March 18, 1990, and as of 2023, he is 33 years old. He is notably recognized as one of the original creators of the famous “leg work” dance, alongside Zlatan Ibile. His debut track, a street anthem titled “Ijo Ope,” features Zlatan Ibile and is produced by Rexxie.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Rahman Jago has gained popularity on Instagram, and social networks for the affluent. However, he has also faced allegations of being involved in cybercrime, commonly referred to as “Yahoo Yahoo” activities.

If you are curious about Rahman Jago Biography, real name, and financial standing, continue reading for more information.

Profile Summary: Rahman Jago Biography

Full Name:Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode
Stage Name:Rahman Jago
Born:18 March 1990
Age:33 years
Place of Birth:Lagos
State Of Origin:Lagos State
Girlfriend/Wife:Not Married
Occupation:Rapper • Socialite
Net Worth:$50 Million
Rahman Jago Biography

Rahman Jago Biography

Rahman Jago was born on March 18, 1990, he celebrated his 33rd birthday in March 2023. Rahman Jago’s real name is Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode, comes from a state previously dominated by the Yorubas. He spent years growing up in Lagos.

Rahmon Jago Education

Rahman Jago Biography: Net Worth, Age, Songs, Girlfriend, Cars, Tribe
Rahman Jago Biography: Net Worth, Age, Songs, Girlfriend, Cars, Tribe

There is limited information available about Rahman Jago’s educational background and family. Any updates on these details will be provided as soon as they become available.

Rahman Jago Career

Rahman Jago’s first song was in 2018, “Ijo Ope”, where he introduced Zlatan Ibile. He actively contributes to the Zanku music genre, which gained significant popularity in the Nigerian music industry since 2018.

Rahman Jago is a rapidly increasing artist with three singles on his album at this time: “Ijo Ope”, “Mo40” and “Of Lala”. A large fan base was secured after it appeared in “Opelope Yahoo” another street jam with Zlatan Ibile and Naira Marley.

In 2020, Rahman Jago achieved more recognition with the release of “Of Lala,” a song track he did with Zlatan Ibile. He also launched “Mo4O” in 2020, with Bad Boy Timz and Barry Jhay. Rahman Jago is signed on the Jagoban entertainment record label.

Rahman Jago Controversy

It is alleged that Rahman Jago is involved in online fraud, he was arrested by the EFCC (Commission of Economic and Financial Crimes) together with Naira Marley, Zlatan Ibile, Adewunmi Adeyanju Moses, and Abubakar Musa in 2019. They were connected with an online fraud that is still under investigation, Although Rahman Jago has been released from EFCC custody and not found guilty, he continues to associate with public figures like Mompha, Baddyoosha, and Aremo Gucci.

Rahman Jago Net Worth

Rahman Jago’s net assets are not officially estimated, but his net assets are an estimated $50 million. Most of their new singles have had a great impact on the music industry and have generated some live performances. However, their alleged participation in cybercrime and extravagant lifestyle make their net worth not officially estimated.

Songs By Rahman Jago

Below are some of Rahman Jago’s songs;

  1. Ijo Ope (with Zlatan, Chinko Ekun and Junior Boy)
  2. Mo40 (with Bad Boy Timz and Barry Jhay)
  3. Of Lala (with Jamo Pyper and Zlatan)

Rahman_Jago Social Media

Connect with Rahman Jago using the next medium below;

  • Instagram: @rahman_jago_
  • Twitter: @rahman_jago_

Rahman Jago’s Cars

As one of Nigeria’s prominent figures in the “big boy” circle, Rahman Jago embraces a luxurious lifestyle. He is particularly active on Instagram, showcasing his wealth and assets fearlessly. Rahman Jago possesses a collection of expensive cars, and he doesn’t shy away from flaunting them on social media.

He frequently shares photos of himself adorned in designer clothing and jewelry while driving the latest cars. Although the ownership of some of these luxury vehicles is not explicitly stated, Rahman Jago has been spotted in them, including a white Rolls Royce Phantom. In terms of residence, he is rumored to live in an apartment equipped with modern facilities.

Naira Marley vs. Rahman Jago: Who is richer between Naira Marley and Rahman Jago?

When comparing the wealth of Naira Marley and Rahman Jago, Naira Marley holds a slightly higher net worth. Naira Marley, who gained fame as a musician in Nigeria in 2017, has a background in street music in the United Kingdom. Unlike Rahman, Naira Marley has released numerous hit singles and two albums, earning from album sales. Additionally, he has secured endorsement deals and owns a music record label.

Naira Marley’s estimated net worth is $646,000, making him slightly wealthier than Rahman Jago, whose estimated net worth, is $50 million. Naira Marley’s extensive music career, performances on major stages, and contributions to the music industry have earned him notable awards, while Rahman Jago is yet to achieve similar recognition.

Social Media

Connect with Rahman Jago through the following social media platforms:

Photo Gallery: Explore some of Rahman Jago’s handsome photos.

Below are some of Rahman Jago’s beautiful photos;

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