Bimbo Ademoye
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Award-winning Nigerian Actress, Bimbo Ademoye, recently revealed that a lot of movie producers wanted to make use of her body but she declined their request.

The movie star disclosed this in a Sunday interview with Sun Newspaper.

Bimbo also said a lot of actresses experienced some problems after joining the industry but in her case, it started in the positive direction.

She claimed that Uduak Isong, a senior colleague, helped her get started in the Nigerian film industry by taking care of her.

Ademoye admitted that she never had a sexual relationship with a producer in exchange for roles.

The screen diva advised young ladies that want to join the Nollywood industry to take care of their bodies and make sure that they never sleep with anybody in exchange for roles.

Bimbo Ademoye explained;

Bimbo Ademoye explained;

To be honest with you, everybody wanted to make use of the body. Everybody wanted me to play the sexy secretary or the girl that snatched someone’s husband, or the one that snatched the other person’s boyfriend. I can say that I have been very lucky.

I came into the industry through Uduak Isong. I didn’t experience the issues of sleeping with producers because of roles and I have never slept with anybody for that. She was more like a mother to me when I started.”