Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria

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Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria: Today, in Nigeria, unemployment is increasing, and everyone is looking for a job or another to get involved. Statistics revealed that the unemployment rate in Nigeria rose to 35.3 %. This is very alarming and has an extensive effect on Nigeria’s economy.

There is a shortage of white-collar jobs, and everyone is turning to their skills. Even those with small businesses are surviving using the hand-to-mouth formula.

The increase in the unemployment rate has made many people maintain their certificates and resort to acquiring skills as a source of subsistence. When you have the right skills that people need, you will never lack food. This is true because you will always take from people who want you to help solve your problems.

However, some skills do not pay much, while others are money banks. It can be difficult for you to identify very profitable skills as we have many of them. You do not need to worry coz in this guide on best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria we have helped you with some of the best you can learn.

Manual work is simply any handmade physical work that can be sold for money. You will probably see many people doing this on the streets or in the markets of your city.

In Nigeria, many people make more money from manual labor than from salaried jobs. Artisans and artisans are sought by many people in Nigeria for many reasons, depending on their area of specialization. Your services are usually expensive, but the quality of your work is usually worth it. Some of them even earn the life of their craft.

Manual work is really a great source of income for those who have a passion for it, but learning trade can be a bit problematic. The best manual work is one that requires dexterity, patience, and skill. These characteristics are not easily acquired by all and therefore the training period can sometimes take an eternity.

I researched the Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria. Read to the end if you want to know Nigeria’s 10 best handicraft works.

Benefits Of Having Handwork In Nigeria

Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria: Having manual work or skills in Nigeria offers various benefits. It offers a job opportunity on its own and income generation, reducing dependence on traditional job opportunities. Manual work can be a supplementary source of income, making individuals financially more resilient.

Many qualified individuals start their own businesses, contributing to the growth of the informal sector and job creation. As more people acquire skills, it helps relieve the problem of unemployment in the country. Qualified individuals can define their hours and terms of work, giving them a level of independence. Pursuing a skill or craft can be personally rewarding and offer a sense of conquest.

Nigeria’s qualified artisans and artisans have export potential, contributing to the country’s foreign exchange gains. The skills sector contributes to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the nation’s economic growth. It can be a means of poverty reduction, offering employment opportunities and subsistence means, especially in rural areas. Many traditional skills and crafts are transmitted for generations, preserving the country’s cultural heritage.

Qualified individuals can provide essential services in their communities, such as tailoring, carpentry, plumbing, and more. Qualified individuals are usually better equipped to resist economic crises or labor market fluctuations. In Nigeria, where unemployment remains a significant challenge, having manual work or skill can open doors for various opportunities and contribute to personal, community, and national development

Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria

The intention of most young Nigerians is to earn a fortune of money in a short time. But it is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are many challenges you will face to achieve monetary freedom. Chances are that the first job you will get is not what you want to do with the rest of your life.

This is why it is important to explore your options while you are still in school or even before that. In this article on best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria, we will examine some works you can take on in Nigeria. They are fun and interesting, but do not accept our word! Go there and try it yourself!

It is no secret that the Nigerian art market is growing. And several talented artists and artisans are standing out in the country. Whether you are looking for traditional art or innovative design, there are many artisans and qualified servile workers who will help you achieve your goals. Here are 10 of the best artisans and household skills in Nigeria.

·        Tailoring – (Fashion Design)

Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria
Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Sometimes many people have doubts about tailoring as a skill. Many will say that there are many tailors, but the truth is that, regardless of the number of tailors we have, they are never more than the number of customers.

You will never be without customers if you know how to sew very well and have your point of sale exclusively. The best customers are the ones you receive from references and mouth-to-mouth. Customers will always come to you when you do their best to deliver quality work.

Fashion is an important part of Nigerian culture. Several fashion designers and talented tailors can help you find the perfect clothes for any occasion. You can also find great online clothes and accessories, so it’s easy to buy clothes that fit your unique personality

Also, many Nigerians prefer to buy their clothes at the store and not online. This means you can find a high-quality way in Nigeria without researching.

As a tailor, you need an average of 6 months to 1 year to be very good at sewing and making creative designs. Once you have finished learning, you can start making money sewing for family members, church members, and friends.

These are the best people to start with because they will always correct it if you make a mistake. In the future, you can send proposals to boarding schools, secondary schools, etc., to sew your school uniforms.

You can also open a fashion house to sew different clothes for different walks and purposes. Tailoring and fashion design are skills that require creativity and updates all the time. Be sure to be updated with the latest fashion style. Join fashion programs and make notes of the latest trends in dresses.

Whether dealing with men’s or female clothes, the tailoring will look for millions if you do the right thing and in style.

·        Hairdresser

Females want to be fine all the time. Although people do not know that the beauty industry is one of the most expanding sectors. Women spend a lot of money on a good look, and you should enjoy this sector if you want to earn a huge amount of money from your ability.

The hairdresser is an important skill in Nigeria. Designers not only need to provide a high-quality service, but they also need to deal with various types of hair and textures. In addition, many women in Nigerian society use their hair on a dread or a coil.

You must apply for a beauty school for training to start this business. It can take you between 6 to 10 months to be a professional hairdresser. You need to be familiar with many hairstyles to attract different customers. You must also learn to make wigs. This will be an additional advantage for your business as many women are changing to wigs.

·        Barbershop

This is another best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria, barbers are everywhere, and this is one of the human needs. If you are in a good location, you can average 5 to 10k as a barber. This becomes a monthly gain from 150k to 300k if you work all day.

You can learn barber shop at a professional bearded store and, in three months of dedicated learning, you are ready to go. Open your shaving room and make the best haircut to ensure that customers come back all the time. Depending on your location and nature of services, you can charge between ₦ 500 and 10,000 for a haircut.

·        Makeup And Cosmetics

Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria
Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Makeup and cosmetics are essential parts of any woman’s guard. This is another best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria. They add a touch of glamor to any outfit and help you get your best look. In addition, they can be used as an advertising tool to reach a large audience.

Makeup and cosmetics are essential parts of any woman’s guard. This is another best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria. They add a touch of glamor to any outfit and help you get your best look. In addition, they can be used as an advertising tool to reach a large audience.

Makeup is an art and business that can be learned by those who want to make money. Nor is it limited to the female gender; Male makeup artists are in the entire social media, especially on YouTube. The most interesting thing about makeup, however, is that it does not require specific educational experience, just persistence, and passion for what you do

Makeup is another expanding area of the beauty industry. Many women spend so much money on makeup and cosmetics. This can be the perfect area for you to withdraw.

Who knew how much people would spend on their appearance for parties and events? A makeup session is charged between ₦ 10,000 to 30,000, depending on the type of makeup. Professional makeup artists charge 15,000 to ₦ 100,000 for bridal makeup jobs etc. If you are an effect makeup artist, it’s time to make a lot of money from Nollywood producers.

You can learn makeup at a good beauty school or salon. It will take about 3 to 6 months to be good at this and you can start making money monetizing your skill.

·        Photography

Here comes another best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria, photographers are artists by themselves. They record occasions for future benefits. To provide quality images, photographers need good professional equipment, ingenuity, and experience.

Photography is another amazing manual work that can save a lot of money. It may be hard to believe, but the truth is that photographers are making a lot of money. Depending on the type of photography you like, you can make any quantity ranging from ₦ 5,000 to ₦ 20,000 per shoot.

Photography is a skill you can use to make money: photo editing, web design, graphic design, and more. With the power of the internet and technology, there are many opportunities for you to make money from your creative skills.

Wedding and event photographers also make a lot of money from weddings and events. Photographers can charge between 200k and 500k on average, to record a full wedding (photos and videos). You can learn photography with professional hands, and in three months it is good at this.

·        Furniture Manufacturing – (Carpentry)

Many people see carpentry as one of the most servile jobs and don’t want to get involved in this business, but if you look carefully, carpenters will be making a huge amount of money from the forest.

The carpenters involved in the manufacture of furniture have acquired basic knowledge in furniture design, which makes them develop amazing designs for living room and ballroom furniture.

This furniture is sold by no less than ₦ 300,000, and up to 5 million ± 6 million, depending on the type and quality of the product. Carpenters who like roof development are also making a lot of money by making coverage projects that are at the edge of the art. Roof, making it one of the highest-paid works for carpenters.

Carpentry is one of the many skills that people in Nigeria usually do not see. But it is a skill that is often not told. Carpentry is the art of building things with wooden sticks and nails.

In Nigeria, carpentry is often used to build houses, fences, and other objects. It is an important skill as it allows people to build things quickly and efficiently.

You can start this business by seeking 1 year of learning with an experienced and professional carpenter. After learning, you should gain enough experience to start yours. You can start by making simple home furniture designs for sale.

·        Mason

Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria
Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria

The masons are professional artisans who build houses. They are involved in physical work and have the technical experience of building houses through the accumulation of experiences gathered over time. They are found in places like artisans and sometimes are the foremen on a construction site.

This ability is very profitable if you have the physical energy to get involved in it. If you are one of those people full of energy and strength, consider entering the position of bricklayer. A bricklayer produces an average of 4,000 to 6,000 daily. This is equivalent to ₦ 120,000 to ₦ 180,000 in 30 days. This ability requires training of up to 1 year to practice masonry work.

·        Plumbing

With an increase in the number of holes and aquatic cistern bathrooms, plumbers are making a lot of money from their profession. Plumbing is another best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria. Plumbers install, repair, and correct piping connections and pipelines in homes. Plumbers charge according to the nature of their work and can charge as high as ₦ 200,000 per work, depending on whether it is repair work or installation work.

You can learn the plumbing of a technical or professional school recognized for a year and start practicing it alone.

·        Catering and Cooking

Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria
Top 10 Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Cooking has to do with food preparation using a dry oven and fire. Nowadays, many people who like to bake are making a lot of money by providing baked products at events.

As events unfold, there is a high need for cakes, sweets, and snacks. You can start baking small chops and other cakes before making cakes for events and household use.

Cooking is a common skill in Nigeria. Many talented bakers can create delicious and nutritious meals for your family. From bread to cakes, and pies, there is a baking pan for everyone.

You can learn to bake within six months and will be able to make cakes that have a very pleasant flavor. Incorporate creativity into your roasted product and see how many people want to like your product.

You can pack your sweets and provide them with supermarkets, and you can open a store dedicated to cakes, cakes and small chops. You can also have a gym where you teach others to bake.

·        Pop Ceiling Installation and Floor Tiles

Here comes the last, but not the least best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria. The floor tile is one of Nigeria’s most common and popular art forms. It is a simple process that can be done with a small budget. The floor tile is a great way to decorate your home or office and give a new look. There are many different types of hard and soft tiles that can be created to meet your specific needs.

This is another profession that is gaining millions of people involved in it. The tile of houses became predominant and almost everyone wants to live in a house with a tile floor.

Modern houses have different styles of tiles and require experts to make the tiles. Experienced tilers take this opportunity to make a lot of money. They charge for a square foot and can be a very large amount of money when accumulated in the area of space in which they are in tiles.

Conclusion – Best Handwork And Skills To Learn In Nigeria

What are the best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria? The best hand work to learn in Nigeria is tailoring, hairdressing, barbing, carpentry, etc. Kindly check the list above, there are some of the best handwork and skills to learn in Nigeria you can do to make a lot of money. If you are interested in any of them, set aside time to learn them and be extremely good with them, and then monetize your skills and make money from them.


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