Why I Stopped Working At Dangote’s Factory – Singer Bella Shmurda
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Bella Shmurda, a popular Nigerian singer, has recounted a tragedy while working at Dangote’s noodles factory in Lagos.

He claimed that the death of one of his coworkers, who fell from the company’s building’s roof into steaming industrial oil, prompted him to resign immediately.

During a recent interview with Cool FM Nigeria, he described the tragic experience.

According to Shmurda:

It was like a Saturday morning. I went to work. We started working already. We just heard everybody screaming that someone fell into hot oil. He was cleaning the roof, so he fell down.

In the factory, there is this oil that the Indomie [noodles] pass through to get hard because it is actually soft. It will pass through the oil to get hard, then it will come inside the nylon, and then you will pack it inside the packet.

So, the guy fell inside the oil. It took long before they brought him out. Guy, him don fry. Omo, that day ehn, the clothes wey dem dey give us, I just off am, off their shoe, I just dey go. I said I no dey work again.

I’m more talented than many big artists – Bella Shmurda

Bella Shmurda, a talented and fast-rising star in the Nigerian music industry, has made bold claims recently as he confidently stated that he is better than many Nigerian big artists.

He claims that most of the musicians earning a name for themselves in the country are “just lucky.”

In a recent interview with Cool FM Nigeria, Lagos, the singer stated that he does not beg for collaborations because he is more gifted than many musicians in the industry and only work with people he has good connections and relationship with.

Bella Shmurda recalls an experience he had with a bigger artist, who turned him down when he was about to release a song after he had l asked to collaborate with him.