“Why I Agreed To Film Our Intimate Moment” Moyo Lawal Sheds Light On Her Leaked Tape
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Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has revealed further details about her leaked sex tape with her ex-fiance.

Recall how the actress made headlines on social media last month after a video of her having a sexual encounter with a man appeared online?

Moyo recently claimed on her Instagram page that she only had sex twice last year, one of which resulted in the video being leaked.

She claimed that she consented to record the tape with him because he does not live in Nigeria and they were already preparing to marry.

She said that she had to split up with him due to a lack of communication and distance, noting how she always puts her life on hold for every man she dates.

She stated that until a lioness recounts her story, every hunter will continue to be a hero, since people always regard quiet and non-problematic people for fools.

She wrote:

Until a lioness tells her story, every hunter will continue to be a hero. People always take quiet, non-problematic people as fools. However, I think it is time for me to start talking.

One thing… I can tell you for a fact however that things are never what they seem to be. I only had xxx twice last year, one of those times is the video. That I agreed to because he started recording after the fact, he doesn’t live in Nigeria, but he put in a lot of work winning my trust over the years and I mean a lot.

So much so, we were already working towards a house, marriage, and all. That is why I had to break up with him last year, when I started having communication challenges with him because I put my entire life on pause with any man I am dating.

I have not made so many sacrifices by turning down so many dating offers, sleeping alone 90% of my entire adult life, choosing to be alone .. to having an ugly video that happened when I was ill, hanging over my head ( meanwhile to the set of unbelievers who actually thought that video was released by me, because of a foolish narrative that started because I didn’t point fingers or start trash talking or blaming anyone and stayed quiet to end it all quickly …. …

I honestly don’t know what to tell you ) The rest of my caption is in my slides)
P.S. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and changes you. I pray I become carefree and outgoing because doing life the right way has shown my enemy shege”.
“Why I Agreed To Film Our Intimate Moment” Moyo Lawal Sheds Light On Her Leaked Tape

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