Who is elizabeth maami igbagbo - biography, net worth, age and state of origin of the popular nigeria blue film actress

Who is Elizabeth Maami Igbagbo - Biography, Net Worth, Age and State of Origin of The Popular Nigeria Blue Film Actress

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Who is Elizabeth Maami Igbagbo? Ajibola Elizabeth (Maami Igbagbo) is a Nigerian actress and content creator who is known in many movies and dramas. The name ‘Elizabeth Ajibola’ may fly above many, but ‘Maami Igbagbo’ is undoubtedly a name many have come to know as a celebrity who thrives in Nigeria for its culture, oddly enough because it questions their morals.

Maami Igbagbo is often associated with Kingtblak for a number of reasons; the duo had been known together for years before they found their way. Kingtblak once called the popular musician Oritsefem for seducing his then-girlfriend, the same Maami Igbagbo. In this post, we describe in detail the amazing story of Elizabeth Ajibola popularly known as Maami Igbagbo.

Who is Elizabeth Maami Igbagbo – Elizabeth Ajibola Maami Igbagbo Biography

Elizabeth Ajibola Omotayo Igbagbo (born 9th) She began her career in adult film as one of Kingtblak’s treasures before embarking on a solo career in the Nigerian adult film industry. She is the first of five children.

Name Ajibola Elizabeth (Maami Igbagbo) Omotayo
Date of Birth 1995
Age 26 years (2021)
Profession/Occupation Actress
Nationality Nigerian
Net worth $45,000
Residence Lagos, Nigeria
Place of Birth Ekiti state
Gender Female
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Elizabeth Ajibola (Maami Igbagbo) Early years

Although Igbagbo was born in Ekiti, he received his primary and secondary education in Ikorodu, Lagos. Shortly after, around 2016, she received offers for higher education but was unable to continue because she lost her mother to a cold death the same year. His mother, the sole breadwinner of the whole family, wanted him to graduate from a private university.

After the loss of her mother, her mother’s siblings shared all the qualities she left behind, leaving Igbagbo and four siblings with nothing. Unfortunately, his parents never lived together. His father was very much alive but never cared about his children and how they were doing.


Born with a silver spoon, the devastated Igbagbo naively bore the responsibilities of his siblings with some extended relatives who depended on his mother and registered at the clinic as an assistant nurse.

A year and a half later, Igbagbo abruptly ended caring for his sister after the extended family’s extensive dependence seemed overwhelming as he did not earn enough to support his younger siblings and those who depended on him. With no hope of help, Igbagbo, pressured by some wealthy people who should have helped him, suggested that he sleep with them as he pleases.

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Fate would eventually bring Igbagbo and Kingtblak together, from whom he was the first to learn a lot before leaving to pursue a solo career in the porn industry. Along with Peace Olayem and Lady Gold, Maami Igbagbo joined the frenzy of Tblak’s harem and stayed on top of their girls for nearly two years before they all went their separate ways.

Today, Maami Igbagbo is the dominant and leading actress in adult films in Nigeria. He is constantly posting new videos on the popular porn movie website almost every week, where he features different men in his videos and has started to attract fans who feel comfortable without having to hide their identities during the shooting.

Igbagbo says he has a good job to do today and would choose adult movie life a hundred times over because it not only pays his bills but also puts him in complete control of his life.

As to whether she was concerned about the resistance and decision-making power of the Nigerian conservatives, Igbagbo said he was not bothered by it and had advised his grandmother, whom he cared for, as well as his siblings to leave the country. ignore people’s opinion of his career path.

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Maami Igbagbo Relationship

Before leaving Tblac, Maami Igbagbo probably had a romantic relationship with an adult film actress playboy. The duo took photos together in several sessions, all of which are still on the Kingtblak HOC website. In a heartbreaking revelation from Kingtblak in January 2019, he claimed that Maami Igbagbo was the only family he had because he had lost others.

Around February of the same year, Kingtblak publicly called popular singer Oritsefem, who beat his girlfriend. Apparently enraged, Tblac warned Oritsefemit to keep Maami Igbagbo away and focus on his marriage.

We can confirm with authority that Tblac and Maami Igbagbo are no longer together, but Maami Igbagbo is grateful to Tblac for the golden opportunity he has been given.

Ajibola Elizabeth (Maami Igbagbo) Age

Ajibola Elizabeth (Maami Igbagbo) will be 26 years old from 2021. He was born in 1995.

How Much Is Maami Igbagbo Worth?

Ajibola Elizabeth (Maami Igbagbo) has a total net worth of $45,000. He makes most of his money as a brand ambassador and content creator. Ajibola Elizabeth recently bought a BMW MS vehicle. It is the only known vehicle it owns as of 2021.