What Three (3) years Of Marriage To MC Fish Has Taught Me – Anita Joseph
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Nigerian actress cum media personality, Anita Joseph-Olagunju has opened up on what her 3 years of marriage with her husband, MC Fish has taught her.

The couple who got married February 14, 2020 celebrated their 3 years anniversary last month. During a fresh interview with The Punch, Anita Joseph spoke on the secret to her connection with her husband and advice for young or intending couples.

Speaking about what she has learnt so far, Anita Joseph said:

“I have learnt that when one loves someone, one loves everything about them. Love is total and whole. My marriage is beautiful, and it is by God’s grace. I have learnt a lot of things from my marriage. I have learnt patience and more submission. Sometimes, I may not like something but I don’t want to stir it up so I become much calmer. When you love someone, you do everything to make them happier.
What Three (3) years Of Marriage To MC Fish Has Taught Me – Anita Joseph

On the secret to her special connection with MC Fish, the thespian said:

“It is God and He alone. He has been our connection. My husband knows me and I know him. He has been my friend. That is why we connect. When some people get married to a woman, they sometimes stop the things they used to do for that woman when they were wooing her.

But, with my husband, it is not like that. In fact, I am the one running away from going out, because I am not really an outgoing person because I have a lot of things to do at home. I am busy at home, trying to balance a lot of things and rest.This is some of the reasons some marriages go haywire; because the man changes immediately after they get married. Since February 14, 2020, it has been beautiful.

My connection with my husband is heavenly and we are intimate. We talk about everything. We don’t hide anything from each other. Before my husband makes any decision, he talks to me about it. Before I do too, I talk to him about it. So, he is my paddy. Sometimes, I will say to him, “Babe, we are married now, you know?” This is because it still looks like we are still courting. This is why it is different.

Giving advice to young and intending couples, Anita Joseph said:

Giving advice to young and intending couples, Anita Joseph said:“My advice to young and intending couples is for them to bring God into their marriage. Know God by yourself so that you don’t make mistakes in marriage. One must be ready to listen, obey and direct.

Wives must be ready to be their husbands’ friends. Listen to him more. Pay attention to your husband. Have patience. Be submissive and tolerate (each other). Men should also love their wives wholeheartedly like God loves the church.If you know that you will not stop chasing women around, leave the woman alone.

Men must also be ready be listen and know their wives’ demands and needs. Be intentional about the things you say to your wife. Buy her presents. Even if you don’t have one, try and do something.I also beg couples to learn to solve their problems by themselves.”