(Video)Throwback Video Of Face Of Beauty CEO Bragging About Not Honoring Partner Who Doesn’t Provide Resurfaces
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The CEO of Face of Beauty, Patience Egbor, is facing intense scrutiny and controversy following the emergence of a throwback video from earlier this year in which she seemingly emphasized the importance of a partner providing for their family.

In the resurfaced video, Patience Egbor was heard proudly stating that she saw no need to honour a partner who did not contribute to the financial upkeep of their family.

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This video emerged just hours after Patience Egbor publicly cried out for financial assistance while accusing her ex-husband of abandoning her and their two children.

Egbor, in the controversial video, could be heard giving lectures on a man’s place in the house when he’s being fed by his wife.

She could be heard emphasizing that a partner has no purpose and neither does he deserve honour if he fails to be the provider.

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“I’m sorry that society has lied to us women, like the society puts the responsibility on the women and shifted the responsibility from men and that’s why our world has turned upside down.

“You’re giving someone the responsibility that is not their place, of course, they are going to pilot it the way they deem fit. And when they pilot it the way they deem fit, you people will say ‘Oh, women don’t have respect anymore.’

If I am doing all these, what’s your purpose? Why should I be honouring you and all that? Men should go back to their place and allow women to be in their place,” she said in part.

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See below;

(Video)Throwback Video Of Face Of Beauty CEO Bragging About Not Honoring Partner Who Doesn’t Provide Resurfaces

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