(video) sheggz and bella fìghts as sheggz scolds her over dancing with other boys at saturday party
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Big Brother Naija Housemate, Bella and Sheggz Fought over Saturday night party, where Sheggz saw Bella Dancing with some other male housemate, which pissed him off, as he try to warn her to stay away from other male housemate to avoid some naughty incidence.

Sheggz Scolded at Bella for dancing with other male housemate during there previous night party, where he said, it is very bad and inappropriate for her to do such a thing.

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While Bella also complains that Sheggz was screaming at her in public, she further grumble that he shouldn’t have done it that way even if he wants to correct her, at least he should respect her privacy, by calling her attention to talk in private not in front of other housemate.

Bella also complains that Sheggz also Dance with some other Female Housemate, the previous week, which he claims that they where not so intimate then like now. The two lovers (Housemate), angrily quarrel, even thou that didn’t stop them from anything but they ended all being angry, where Sheggz later left the scene without a word.

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Watch the video below.