(Video) “You’re Not My Problem, I’m Sorry” — Ike Apologizes To Angel Following Fight
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Ike has publicly apologized to fellow reality TV star Angel following their physical altercation in the Big Brother Naija house last night.

In a viral video making rounds on social media, Ike and Angel engaged in a heated argument over a pot of chicken.

However, taking full responsibility for his actions, Ike has now come forward to offer an apology.

He approached Angel for an amendment where he stated that she is not the cause of his problems and didn’t mean to take it out on her.

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See the video below:

Recall that Angel had broke-shamed Ike as they fight over chicken

Reality stars Ike Onyema and Angel Smith engaged in a fiery verbal exchange, with their disagreement over a pot of chicken turning into a heated clash.

The incident unfolded amidst the tense atmosphere of the reality show, leaving housemates and fans alike in astonishment.

The confrontation erupted when Ike Onyema, the current Head of the House, asserted his desire to claim a specific portion of chicken for his meal.

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Angel Smith, however, vehemently contested his claim, leading to a rapidly escalating argument that spiraled out of control. The disagreement soon transcended its initial trivial nature, with both parties launching into a volley of verbal attacks against each other.

Video footage of the altercation, which swiftly made its way online, showcased the intensity of the feud. As Ike and Angel hurled verbal salvos at each other, their fellow housemates chose to remain silent witnesses to the explosive exchange.

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Angel’s strong-willed nature was evident as she openly challenged Ike’s perceived authoritative stance, labeling him a “tyrant” in the heat of the moment.

Notably, Angel’s confrontational stance reached its zenith as she threw a daring challenge at Ike.

She questioned his self-proclaimed worth and his credentials as a blogger, sarcastically urging him to “show his worth” if he was truly genuine in his claims.