(Video) Why Tunde Ednut Loses His IG Account Of Over 7 Million Followers – Verydarkman
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Controversial activist VeryDarkMan has declared that he played a pivotal role in the deactivation of Tunde Ednut’s Instagram account, which boasted over 7 million followers.

The activist alleges that Ednut’s relentless posting of content related to him led to a barrage of threats and consistent reports on his Instagram account.

According to VeryDarkMan, he had previously warned Tunde Ednut to refrain from posting about him, but Ednut did not heed these warnings.

As a result, the social media entertainer lost his coveted Instagram account.

Direct messages sent to Tunde Ednut after the deactivation of his account reveal the extent of the backlash he faced.

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Many individuals expressed their satisfaction at his removal and cautioned him about involving others in his posts.

One of the messages reads;

Seems you didn’t learn from gossipmill. I warned u about always posting verydarkman. People also warned u to desist but u kept doing it. Now you will learn in the hard way! U helped darkman grow, but his page is still here, but u are not, fun fact he still no post u e even the okoli wey u help Davido dash 2m neva post you. I asked u to help me u did not! Next time learn to do ur thing without involving people. We have reported your page to oblivion PERMANENTLY! If them born u well post darkman for ur backup too, na instant removal.”

Despite Tunde Ednut’s efforts to engage his audience and provide updates during the presidential election, he is now facing a wave of hatred and criticism for his association with VeryDarkMan.

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VeryDarkMan pointed out that while Ednut played a role in his growth, internet users have grown to despise Ednut for his involvement.

This situation has left Tunde Ednut feeling unappreciated and frustrated as he grapples with the consequences of his connection to VeryDarkMan.

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The truth of the matter is Tunde Ednut lost his account because of he didn’t stop posting me, you guys will not understand, the h8 l am facing since I started talking about a lot of injustice and ev!!! is just too much, I wasn’t supposed to say it but it is fact, I made them report Tunde’s page anyways follow @mazitundeednut that’s his new page,” VeryDarkMan said.

In an attempt to regain his online presence, Tunde Ednut has launched a new Instagram account under the handle @mazitundeednut.

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