(Video) Why I Suddenly Left Davido’s Record Label – Liya Finally Opens Up
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In a podcast interview, Liya, the singer who once held the title of “DMW’s First Lady,” has finally shared the reason behind her sudden departure from the famed Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) record label.

Known for her notable tracks such as “Lakiriboto” and “Melo,” Liya had undoubtedly left her mark during her time with the label.

However, her decision to part ways with DMW was driven by her belief that her burgeoning career wasn’t receiving the attention and support it deserved.

Liya opened up about her departure during the podcast interview, citing her longing for a fresh start and a new path in the music industry as the driving force behind her decision.

(Video) Why I Suddenly Left Davido’s Record Label – Liya Finally Opens Up

She expressed the need to carve her own musical journey, separate from the DMW brand.

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One of the key factors in her departure, as Liya explained, was the perception that her career was not getting the necessary focus and backing from DMW.

While under the label, she had delivered several chart-topping hits, but her aspirations seemed to have been overshadowed or overlooked.

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Despite her exit from DMW, Liya was quick to emphasize her admiration for the label’s current roster of artists and their achievements.

She extended her continued support and best wishes to DMW and its emerging talents, expressing hope for their success in their musical endeavors.

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@gtimmusic reacted: “A bad conversationalist! Why start a response with “I don’t know” Ickkkkk.”

@sxintoyxter said: “She’s scared and just holding in a lot. Sis doesn’t want drama.“

@Mubbyolateju commented: “Definitely with the promotion..her songs were good but zero promotion.”

@Honcho_Havi said: ”She’s scared of backlash.”

@gOldspot reacted: “Without proper label structure, most artistes signed won’t reach there potential. DMW lacked structure, I hope they do better In the future.”

@Fraziwonder10 said: “She’s not comfortable with the questions.”

@King___Dd reacted: “Maybe just drop songs instead.”

@kenzi commented: “Person wey mid,make dem dey waste money.”

@Kush30BG said: “The guy is really pushing her to say bad about the label with the way he is asking the

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