(Video) WhiteMoney Cries Out As Kim Oprah Checks Her Backside In Front Of Him In The Dressing Room
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BBNaija Season 8 house housemates Whitemoney, Kim Oprah, Pere, and Cross found themselves in the spotlight for a candid dressing room encounter.

The incident, which saw emotions run high and playful banter ensue, left viewers both amused and intrigued.

The dressing room rendezvous began with Whitemoney, passionately singing his heart out alongside Pere, Cross, and Kim Oprah.

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His playful tune took a humorous twist when he directed his lyrics at Cross, hinting at a lighthearted vendetta that might await him outside the house.

Pere readily joined in, adding his own flair to the dramatic musical interlude.

The atmosphere took an unexpected turn when Kim Oprah, previously a subject of Whitemoney’s contemplation regarding a confrontation with Cross, made her entrance.

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Dressed in a short outfit, she momentarily adjusted her attire while standing before the camera. However, what followed caught both the housemates and viewers off guard.

Whitemoney, usually a jovial character, exhibited a visible level of discomfort at Kim Oprah’s actions.

In a playful yet somewhat incredulous tone, he lightly chided her for showcasing her attire adjustments right in front of him.

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Jokingly, he questioned whether she thought he was some sort of apparition.

In his words;

“Why are you checking your yansh (backside) in my front? You think I’m a spirit?”

This remark by Whitemoney prompted laughter from the other housemates present in the dressing room, but he continued singing to further express his feelings.

See below;