(Video) “What Did Your Exes See In You?” Tobi Bakre’s Wife Questions Him After Seeing His Throwback Photo
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Tobi Bakre, former Big Brother Naija housemate, has recently been put in a tight spot by his wife as she humorously questions him about his exes and their attraction towards him in his years of humble beginning.

The reality TV personality and social media influencer gave his wife an old snapshot of himself from years past.

What followed was a fantastic conversation between the pair that was characterized by laughing and loving teasing. Tobi’s wife’s humorous query on what his ex-girlfriends might have perceived in him during his less-than-flattering past caused laughter from him and his wife

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This particular instance was charming not only because of the humor but also because of the seeming sincerity of the connection.

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Tobi Bakre has experienced several major turning points in the last few months. The couple just had a lovely daughter, the couple’s second child, ushering Tobi into the role of “girl dad.”

The couple gave birth to a baby girl and Tobi couldn’t be more thrilled as he proudly declared on his Instagram account that he’s now a “girl dad” christened Kamila A. Bakre.

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The reality star shared the good news with the photo of her new born , expressing his gratitude to God for the beautiful gift of life.

He affirmed his love for his wife and admitted that having a daughter has completely changed how he feels.

Celebrities and fans alike flooded his comment section with messages of congratulations and well-wishes for the growing family.

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