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Famous Nigerian TikToker, VeryDarkMan has come to the rescue of a single mother who fell victim to unscrupulous travel agents.

In a video posted on social media, VeryDarkMan exposed the shady dealings of a travel agency that had defrauded the single mother of a substantial sum of money, totaling N5 million, and successfully pressured them to return her funds.

The victim’s ordeal began when she was introduced to the travel agency by her ex-boyfriend, who informed her of an opportunity to work as a caregiver in the United Kingdom.

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Trusting the offer, she decided to pursue the opportunity. Over time, she sent money to the agency in multiple installments, ultimately totaling 7 million Naira, as per their request.

However, her dreams of working in the UK turned into a nightmare when she repeatedly failed the IELTS exam, a language proficiency test often required for travel and work abroad.

Her interest in traveling waned, and she decided to seek a refund of her hard-earned money from the agency.

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Unfortunately, her efforts to recover her funds were met with refusal, and the situation remained unresolved since January.

Desperate for justice, the single mother reached out to VeryDarkMan, who had earned a reputation for holding brands accountable and seeking justice for consumers.

In a heartfelt plea, she explained her harrowing experience as a victim of a travel scam.

VeryDarkMan swiftly responded by creating a video in which he called out the travel agency responsible for the fraud, identified as Care Mission UK.

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In a surprising and commendable turn of events, Care Mission UK promptly acknowledged the wrongdoing and agreed to return N5 million to the victim as a first step towards rectifying the situation.

Concluding his video, VeryDarkMan issued a stern warning to travel agents engaged in fraudulent practices, urging them to cease their dishonest operations immediately.

He also called upon fellow Nigerians to avoid engaging in underhanded tactics when dealing with travel agencies and to opt for lawful and transparent processes.

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