(Video) Venita Expresses Jealousy As Adekunle Allows Mercy To Sleep On His Lap
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BBNaija All Stars house, housemate Venita has expressed her disapproval and unmistakable jealousy over a budding love triangle involving herself, Adekunle, and popular contestant Mercy Eke.

The revelation came to light during a candid conversation between Venita and fellow housemate Seyi on a Saturday evening.

The tension began when Venita reportedly observed Adekunle and Mercy Eke’s increasingly cozy interactions within the confines of the house’s gym.

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The situation appeared to deeply trouble Venita, who subsequently opened up to Seyi about her

concerns, making it clear that she found the whole scenario entirely inappropriate.

According to Venita’s account, Adekunle’s actions raised eyebrows as he was observed stroking Mercy’s waist and legs on separate occasions during their gym sessions.

This physical intimacy between the two contestants, she argued, had crossed a line and was a cause for concern. Venita’s unease was palpable as she voiced her distress over the nature of the closeness she had witnessed.

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The underlying tension within the love triangle seemed to be exacerbated by what Venita perceived as a lack of boundaries between Adekunle and Mercy.

She expressed her reservations about the intentions behind their actions, insinuating that Mercy might be intentionally stepping out of established boundaries to gain Adekunle’s attention.

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In part of Venita words;

“When we were working out, he was literally stroking her on two different occasions, I witnessed that. To comfort who or herself? That’s inappropriate. We’ve had our first spooning within 24-hours.”

See video below;