(Video) “This Girl Never Changed” – Ceec Dragged To Filth For Speaking Ill About Alex Unusual
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One of the finalists of the Big Brother Naija reality Tv show, CeeC, found herself at the center of a social media storm following her comments about fellow contestant Alex Unusual during a special dinner arranged by Big Brother.

The evening began with a pleasant surprise from the show’s organizers, who treated the remaining six finalists – Cross, Adekunle, Mercy, Baye, Pere, and CeeC – to a luxurious dinner.

The incident in question revolved around a wager script, with CeeC accusing Alex Unusual of appropriating her ideas for the script and subsequently undermining her efforts.

During her conversation, CeeC alleged that Alex had used her concept for the first week’s wager, a move that evidently irked her.

She went on to claim that Alex Unusual had monopolized tasks within the house out of fear that other contestants might overshadow her with their talents.

See the video below;

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Netizens Reactions…

@Kingjoe: “You paid people to decampaign Alex. As if that’s not enough, you’re still badmouthing her in the house. God will judge you Ceec”.

@Alextagfighter: “Which one is “I went to film school, she went to film school too”? Is ceec mad or what? The world is so big for everyone to co-exist. And you were not the first others have gone to film school before you. Ceec bitterleaf let ALEX BREATHE “.

@Curiouscat: Ceec, raise your right hand and repeat after me… I am healed of my bitterness, jealousy and hate for Alex in Jesus’ name. Amen”.

@Takemeout: “I will never forgive y’all for saying Alex is the obsess£d one”.

@Aubuike: Cc is jealous of Alex. Alex is everything she imagined to be. Height  Beauty  Intelligence  Effortlessly sexy  For 5 yrs now she’s been working on her body to become sexy. Thank God it paid. Let’s not forget she had flat nyash on this show 2018″.

@Takul: “Am shocked , the mood jus changed , you could see the anger in her eyes but at the same time you are saying you are cool with Alex Yoh”.

@_ice._“This girl really hates Alex with passion!! Even in her next life she will still hate her wow”.

@Stop_shop: She’s too bitter for my liking,she acts like she’s perfect,why can’t she watch others before she speaks,is not everything the eyes sees the mouth must say all in the name of no fake zone,she has an unforgiving spirit and trust me it will cost her a lot…whatever people saw in her then I don’t know”.

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