(Video) Soma Becomes New HOH And Only Holder Of Immunity
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Soma has clinched the coveted title of Head of House (HOH) for the fifth week of the BBNaija All Stars reality show, succeeding previous HOH Mercy Eke.

The announcement of Soma’s victory by Biggie sent waves of excitement throughout the house as he secured immunity from possible eviction this week.

The competition for the HOH position was not for the faint-hearted. Contestants dived into a murky liquid in order to retrieve hidden numbers, which were then utilized to solve a puzzle featuring Biggie’s iconic eye logo.

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Soma’s triumph in this challenge was met with cheers and celebrations from his fellow housemates.

In a strategic move, Soma handpicked his closest companions, including Angel, Adekunle, Alex, and Seyi, to join him in the luxurious HOH lounge.

This move is expected to foster stronger bonds within the group while providing them with a well-deserved break from the rigorous demands of the competition.

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As part of a side challenge, three housemates – Angel, Doyin, and Cross – successfully discovered hidden black envelopes.

The anticipation was palpable as they revealed their contents.

Doyin’s envelope unveiled a reward of a ‘Homemade Meal,’ while Angel’s contained a message of ‘Sorry, No Immunity.’

Cross, on the other hand, unwrapped a delightful ‘Box of Pizza.’ However, it has been clarified that this black envelope challenge will not grant any special immunity to its recipients.

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See the video below;

In other news, Popular reality stars Angel Smith and Soma have captured viewers’ attention as they shared a tender moment, culminating in their first kiss together.

The heartfelt exchange took place during a cozy chat in the garden, setting the stage for a potentially blossoming romance in the show’s tumultuous environment.

The intimate moment unfolded when Angel and Soma were found lying together in bed, exchanging light-hearted banter and enjoying each other’s company.