(Video) Show Me Your Kpèkus - MC Warriboy Dares Bobrisky As He Storms The Crossdresser’s Crib In Lagos
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Nigerian comedian MC Warriboy has sparked reactions after sharing a video from his visit to Popular cross- dresser Bobrisky’s home in Lagos.

Bobrisky’s gender has been a topic of confusion even though he has made it clear that he is a baby girl.

Few days ago, The cross-dresser flaunted his ‘feminine’ body on Instagram and noted that he doesn’t care or mind whatever people say about him and his body.

However, MC Warriboy who believes Bobrisky is still a man, tackled him over his assertion and asked that he stops suffocating his ‘manhood’ all in the name of cross-dressing.

In response, Bobrisky took to social media to affirm that he is a girl and not a man like Warriboy thinks.Mummy of Lagos as his fans call him also dared Warriboy to visit him in his house, promised to show Warriboy his ‘Kpekus’, in order to convince him that he is indeed female.

Accepting the challenge, MC Warriboy took to his official Instagram page on Tuesday, January 17, and shared video of his visit to Bobrisky’s house in Lagos. He was captured asking the Crossdresser to show him the ‘Kpekus’ region of his body.

Bobrisky, however, objected and said he is experiencing a monthly cycle, women called menstruation.

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