(Video) “Nigerians Should Forgive Me, I’ll Speak The Truth Now” – Mohbad’s Father Spills Everything About Son’s Death
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In an interview with BBC Yoruba, the father of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, has come forward to shed light on everything that happened on the day of his son’s untimely death.

He mentioned how he had even attempted to intervene with Naira Marley himself, urging him to be a better influence on his son.

He further described an incident where Naira Marley was seen eating with his son, Mohbad, which touched him deeply.

However, his son had confided in him that Naira Marley had an evil side.

The grieving father also revealed that his son had been subjected to physical abuse multiple times.

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He disclosed that the first time Mohbad was beaten, he reported it to the police, but no action was taken.

This pattern of fear continued, with further incidents of violence, including one during a video shoot with Zlatan.

Desperate for justice, Mohbad’s father, who is a pastor, expressed his inability to take traditional measures due to his religious beliefs.

He even mentioned the possibility of a DNA test if required to uncover the truth.

In Mohbad’s father words;

“My son d!ed at about 3pm, nobody called me. By the time I got to his house, it was 10pm and I saw a lot of crowd. We were denied a police report at the station, We tried to take him to the mortuary but there was no space, I couldn’t be watching him in the house. I had to bury him.

Nigerians should forgive me if I offended them. Nobody loves him like me. I have never seen Samlarry before in my life. The first day I went to Naira Marley’s house, Mohbad was eating and Naira picked a spoon and was eating with him.

This really touched me that he loved him so much but my son told me Naira was evil. When I went to Naira’s room to beg him to forgive my son whatever he might have done, I didn’t know he was recording me. The first time Samlarry ever beat him, he told me not to say anything, he reported at the police station but nothing was done.

Since then he had always been living with fear. He was beaten again during his video shoot with Zlatan. I need justice for him. As a Pastor, I can’t fight this traditionally because of my religion. If they want to do the DNA test, let them do it.”

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