(Video) “My Singlet Got To National TV Before You” – Verydarkman Carpets Yhemolee On Live Broadcast
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Social commentator Martins Vincent Otse, known as VeryDarkman, lambasts Nigerian singer Yhemolee during a live broadcast on Channels TV.

The heated exchange revolved around VeryDarkman’s controversial demand for a paternity test on Mohbad’s son, Liam Aloba, raising questions about paternity fraud.

The feud between VeryDarkman and Yhemolee escalated when VeryDarkman publicly called for a DNA test to be conducted on Mohbad’s son, Liam Aloba, to confirm the child’s paternity.

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He asserted that the child did not resemble the popular singer, prompting suspicions of possible paternity fraud.

The confrontation began during an interview on Channels TV when VeryDarkman, known for his provocative statements and distinctive black singlet, took a moment to flaunt his iconic attire on national television.

Seizing the opportunity, he sent a direct message to his critics, especially Yhemolee, suggesting that his singlet had reached national television before any of them.

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See below;

In similar news, Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad‘s, sister-in-law issued a stern warning to controversial activist VeryDarkMan after he demanded a DNA test to confirm the paternity of the artist’s son.

Netizens witnessed a heated exchange between Nigerian activist VeryDarkMan and the family of the late artist, Mohbad, as the activist insisted on a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the artist’s child.

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Mohbad, a beloved Nigerian artist, passed away, leaving behind his wife and a young son.

However, VeryDarkMan raised eyebrows when he questioned the child’s paternity and publicly requested a DNA test to determine the child’s biological parentage.

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