(Video) Moment Angel Plants Love Letter To Prank Adekunle, Pretending It’s From Ceec
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BBNaija ‘All Stars’ housemate Angel has been caught in the act of a playful prank aimed at fellow housemates Adekunle and Venita.

Angel decided to spice things up within the house by concocting a fake love letter purportedly from CeeC to prank Adekunle.

Earlier in the day, Angel, alongside fellow housemate Ilebaye, hatched a plan to pull off a lighthearted prank on the house’s resident lovebirds, Adekunle and Venita.

The idea involved creating a fake love letter from CeeC to Adekunle and adding a touch of authenticity by spraying it with CeeC’s perfume to give it more credence.

A video clip from the reality show reveals Angel executing her plan with a mischievous flair.

In the video, she is seen hastily scribbling a love letter on a piece of paper, mimicking CeeC’s writing style.

To further enhance the illusion, Angel generously sprays CeeC’s fragrance on the letter, giving it an unmistakable scent.

With the love letter in hand, Angel sneaks into Adekunle’s wardrobe, where she proceeds to discreetly plant the letter among his clothes.

See the video below;

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Netizens Reactions…

heraldinechinaza noted: “Cc won’t take this lightly oh, remember she’s bigger than everyone, this joke won’t sit well with her”

zitabenita asked: “Why must it be ceec? Why not try someone else? Trouble go dey hin own una go wake am up. Later y’all will say ceec is bitter.”

__omololasilver___ wrote: “Hope they inform Ceec before doing this..? Cus if it doesn’t sit well with her and she react una go begin say she’s bitter at least they should’ve inform her Ooo..”

b.adbtchessbible said: “I don’t want to hear ceec is bitter blah”