(Video) Mohbad’s Wife Accused Of Affair With Late Husband’s Manager
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Allegations of an extramarital affair have emerged involving the late Nigerian singer Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi Aloba, and the late singer’s manager, Tunde.

These accusations were made by a close friend of the late artist, Micee, during an interview with the controversial commentator VeryDarkman, barely two months after Mohbad’s tragic demise.

Micee took to social media recently to vent about the perceived mistreatment that Mohbad allegedly suffered at the hands of his wife while he was still alive.

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During the interview with VeryDarkman, he shed further light on the alleged tensions within the late singer’s inner circle, which apparently led to a confrontation at the Marlians house.

According to Micee, the feud between Mohbad and his manager, Tunde, stemmed from a remark made by Tunde.

He claimed that Tunde had stated that he was not the type to be controlled by his wife, which reportedly triggered Mohbad to confront him.

The details of their argument and the nature of their disagreement were not disclosed in the interview.

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The most shocking revelation, however, was the allegation that Mohbad’s manager, who Micee referred to as a lesbian, had engaged in an affair with Mohbad’s wife.

Micee claimed that Mohbad had video evidence of this affair, which was confirmed by an associate of the late singer.

The exact contents and authenticity of these alleged video recordings were not discussed during the interview.

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“Mohbad went to Marlian’s house; he and his manager, Tunde had an argument when he told Mohbad, ‘I am not the type that is controlled by his wife.’ They are trying to hide stuff, I don’t want to mention names. There’s one of their associates, an old manager, he said Mohbad had videos and showed them; the manager would send video of her having stuff with his wife,” he said in part.

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