(Video) “Mohbad’s Father Is Either Bribed Or Not His Real Parent” – Kenyan Lady Says, Exposes Whereabout Of Sam Larry
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A Kenyan lady identified as “Black Cinderella” has come forward with critical information regarding the whereabouts of Sam Larry, a suspect in Nigerian singer, Mohbad’s untimely death.

Cinderella’s statement adds momentum to the growing call for justice in the tragic case.

In a passionate appeal, Cinderella urged both the Nigerian Police Force and relevant authorities to intensify their efforts in the investigation surrounding Mohbad’s death and consider the possibility of extraditing Sam Larry.

“I want to confirm to Nigeria that Sam Larry is hiding in Kenya, and his location is not hidden. I believe Sam Larry is a person of interest in shedding light on the circumstances of Mohbad’s death,” she said.

The revelation by Cinderella raises crucial questions about the ongoing investigation, as it indicates that a key figure in the case might have fled to Kenya.

Nigerian authorities are now under pressure to collaborate with their Kenyan counterparts in locating and apprehending Sam Larry for questioning.

Cinderella did not stop at disclosing Sam Larry’s whereabouts; she also expressed her frustration with the public statements made by Mohbad’s father.

She labeled his interviews as “infuriating and ridiculous,” pointing out the insensitivity of his comments in the wake of his son’s alleged bullying and subsequent death.

You cannot watch as your son is bullied to death and come out to talk nonsense only when money is involved. It’s either you have paid and are pretending to be scared or you are not his real father,” Cinderella said in part.

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