(Video) “I’ve Red-Flagged Kess Name At USA Embassy” – Kess’ Wife
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Angel, the wife of reality star Kess, has revealed that she has taken the step to red-flag her husband’s name at the USA embassy, accusing him of scamming her to secure legal documents for his stay in the United States.

Angel disclosed that she had reported Kess to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for what she alleges was a fraudulent marriage.

According to her account, Kess had married her solely to obtain legal documents and gain entry to the USA.

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Angel elaborated on her actions, explaining that she had signed documents at the USA embassy to red-flag Kess for marrying her with ulterior motives, including financial gain, securing a visa, and obtaining financial support.

The wife of Kess further detailed the extent of her support for her husband, both financially and through her sponsorship of his family members’ education.

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It is worth noting that this revelation comes on the heels of Angel’s earlier accusations against her husband, Kess, where she accused him of infidelity with his colleague, former BBNaija housemate, Christy O.

To substantiate her claims, Angel had released screenshots of conversations as evidence.

See the video below;

In related news, Angel, the wife of a former BBNaija star, Kess, has opened up about the emotional turmoil she endured during her recent miscarriage and the subsequent lack of support from her husband’s family.

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The revelations came amid an ongoing controversy involving allegations of infidelity and deception.

Angel, who is of Caucasian descent, first made headlines when she publicly accused her husband, Kess, of infidelity with another woman named Christy O.

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