(Video) ‘I’ve Never Toasted A Lady In My Life’ – IK Ogbonna Makes Startling Claim
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Nollywood Star, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, famously known as IK Ogbonna, proudly boasts that he’s never had to make the first move in pursuing a lady throughout his entire existence.

Even though Ogbonna was once married to Sonia Morales before the marriage crashed in 2019, the dashing actor firmly asserts that he’s never employed the art of wooing to start a romantic connection with a woman.

In a recent captivating episode of the Petite Talks podcast, the actor revealed that most of his romantic liaisons began as genuine friendships.

According to him, these deep bonds with women naturally blossomed into passionate love stories, sidestepping the traditional rituals of courting.

He confidently claimed that these friendships organically progressed to a point where mutual affection would surface, sparking a romantic attachment.

He said,

As funny as it may sound, I’ve never toasted a girl in my life. I don’t know how to do it. It’s not about being a fine boy.

“I think I grew up around people. I had so many female friends at the same time. And most of my relationships always started from friendship. We are friends, we start liking ourselves. It entered relationships.”

However, he did concede flirting with his ex-wife, Sonia Morales on social media before they became friends and then couple.

Watch Him Speak Below

During a recent interview with Punch, Ogbonna found himself in the hot seat as questions about the speculated infidelity that led to his marriage separation were posed. He was probed to delve into this experience and shed light on why he remains single.

He said;

“I have never said the cause of my separation, it has been all speculation and I would like the public to hold on to those speculations if they choose to do so.

My private life doesn’t necessarily concern the world but, what I choose the world to know is what I make the public to know about me. Things don’t work out don’t mean I and the person would fall apart, or I come on social media and start saying these are the reasons why it did not work. It didn’t work but we are still friends.”

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