(Video) “It’s Not Funny” – Alex Sternly Warns Frodd For Accusing Her Of Farting
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The confrontation began innocently enough, as the housemates were gathered in the sitting room when they suddenly became aware of a rather unpleasant odor emanating from the dressing room.

Quickly, fingers were pointed and suspicions arose, with the spotlight soon falling on Alex as the alleged culprit. However, Alex vehemently denied the claims and emerged from the dressing room to confront Frodd directly.

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The confrontation took an unexpected twist as Alex’s denial turned into a stern warning to Frodd. She revealed to the housemates that Frodd had supposedly warned others to avoid the dressing room or face undesirable consequences, a claim that only served to further escalate the situation.

With a strong stance, Alex made it clear that she was not going to tolerate being accused unjustly.

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Frodd, on the other hand, was not about to back down either. He immediately rose to his own defense, fervently denying any involvement in the flatulence incident.

The exchange between the two housemates quickly escalated into a heated back-and-forth, each maintaining their innocence while throwing verbal jabs at each other. The tension in the room seemed palpable as emotions ran high.

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Amidst the chaos, another housemate, Soma, intervened to mediate the escalating dispute. With a calming demeanor, Soma attempted to diffuse the situation and restore a sense of order among the housemates.

His intervention seemed to have the desired effect, as the argument gradually subsided, though the underlying tension remained.

See the video below;