(Video) “It’s Like They Sent You From The Village” – Ilebaye Tackles Venita As They Clash Over Task 
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BBNaija All stars housemates, Venita and Ilebaye engaged in a fiery argument over task contribution.The dispute unfolded as the housemates prepared for an upcoming task. Venita took the initiative to confront Illebaye, expressing her dissatisfaction with Illebaye’s apparent reluctance to participate in the task.

Venita firmly stressed the importance of everyone making their contribution, pointing out that several other housemates had already pitched in with their ideas.

Venita said; “We have minutes before this task, Make a point, Angel has made a point, CeeC has made a point, Mercy has made a point, I have made a point. Contribute something, make a point.”

In response, baye defended her position, claiming that she needed to have a meal before actively participating in the task.

She also accused Venita of provoking her during the exchange, resorting to sarcasm in the process.

Ilebaye said; “Venita, you will not be the one to make me dumb, Maybe there’s a cotton bud in your ear. You are deaf. I said I am coming; let me eat. If you are trying to look for trouble, Venita, I’m not in your mood. If they sent you from your village to get me, Holy Ghost fire!

See the video below;

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Netizens Reactions…

@theslimgirlwithin_ reacted: “At this point I think Venita is going through menopause cos this was really uncalled for. Haba….are you the only one in that house??? What’s your pain exactly?????”

@ifu_nwannewi reacted: “Venita could’ve handled this situation better, honestly. The man talk wasn’t necessary but Baye was at fault here.”

@official faithlola said: “But can’t baye make a point took.”

@theslimgirlwithin_ reacted: “Wisdom is knowing that every individual possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. True intelligence lies in recognizing when to step back and let others lead in areas where we may not excel.”

@callme_mjblack reacted: “Venita want this girl to get her 3rd strike but God pass her,, Baye be strong pls.”

@callme_jecy commented: “Venita is such an irritant..”

@deluxecakesnevents said: “Venita is definitely going home on sunday.”

@fffffgh995 commented: “Old mama come Dey go house on Sunday.”

@ohghey commented; “Na to make point upandan… current affairs, l’m sure you wouldn’t have known if you were not the one asking questions.”

@thephenomenal_girl said: “I no know wetin happen oo and who was at fault but why does Venita keeps repeating same word everytime?

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