(Video) Ilebaye Loses Cool As Kiddwaya Jeopardizes Her Chance Of Winning N2.5 Million
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During the ongoing BBNaija Season 8 All-Star Edition, tensions flared as housemate Ilebaye confronted fellow contestant Kiddwaya over his behavior during a crucial arena game.

The incident, which unfolded during the night arena game, resulted in a heated exchange between the two contestants and has sparked a wave of reactions from viewers and fans alike.

The night arena game, a new addition to the show, required housemates to form pairs and present innovative plans for investing 5 million naira in a food business.

With the stakes high and competition fierce, the task seemed to bring out both the best and worst in the housemates.

After spirited performances from various groups, it was the duo of Frodd and Mercy Eke who ultimately emerged as the winners, captivating the judges with their creative and well-thought-out presentation.

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However, the real drama unfolded as Ilebaye, who was paired with Kiddwaya for the task, openly expressed her frustration and disappointment in her teammate’s conduct.

Ilebaye accused Kiddwaya of displaying a nonchalant attitude and failing to contribute effectively to their group’s presentation.

She claimed that his behavior had hindered their chances of winning the game and subsequently cost them a shot at the 5 million naira prize.

The confrontation between Ilebaye and Kiddwaya quickly escalated into a heated exchange of words, with emotions running high on both sides.

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Netizens Reactions…

jully__mk: “I’m beginning to see this kidd guy as a selfish person with nonchalant way of life.”

balo_ng: “Kid thinks he has the whole world. He don’t care about others. Just about his lies & ego.”

jully__mk: “I watched that scene. Ilebaye has every point for being pissed at him.”

shenkez_peter: “I think Kidd needs to go home at this point. He doesn’t really have a storyline that will make us miss him. This his new character is disgusting.”

thekaseyyouknow: “Let it be known that Kiddwaya is broke! And is just flaunting his fathers wealth in their faces because why are you constantly telling them you don’t need the money?? Weytin concern them?? You don’t need the money but na you they play the so called game with your blood and sweat boyyy bye!! Don’t @ me if you’re going to be stupid.”

official_chyy: “D task was so clear. Talk about ur business and convince monie point to gv u 5m for loan and how d money wil mk ur business grow.. kidd go stage carry hoodie dey talk opposite. dey talk say him business dey london lagos and america. Na so he stil talk rubbish yesterday for padi of life task . Hes so fool of himself.”

prince_smart_coker.1: “If u dnt need the money Baye needs the money go somewhere else and promote ur fucking business.”

See the video below;

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