(Video) “I Won’t Let Them Deny Us What’s Ours” – Mercy Eke’s Sister Cries Out Following Illebaye’s Victory
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A video capturing Mercy Eke’s sister’s emotional reaction to Illebaye’s victory in the Big Brother All Stars edition has gone viral, sparking a wave of reactions online.

In the video, she voiced her frustration and concern, alluding to past controversies surrounding the show’s outcomes and vowing not to let her sister suffer a similar fate.

Referencing the previous year’s alleged mix-up where Bryan’s victory was reportedly denied and awarded to Phyna, she passionately defended her sister’s chances, emphasizing the dedication and hard work put in by herself and their supporters known as the “mercenaries.”

In her words;

Deny us what is ours. They did it last time to Bryan, I will not let them do it to my sister. I know how hard myself and the mercenaries worked.”

The video has ignited a wide range of reactions from netizens, with many finding her passionate defense both amusing and admirable.

Social media platforms have been flooded with comments as people shared their thoughts and amusement at the emotional outburst.

See the video below;

While some viewers expressed their support for Illebaye and revealed that they had voted for her, others have been captivated by the intensity of Mercy Eke’s sister’s determination to secure her sibling’s victory.

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Netizens Reactions…

@Realfavour said: “When your sister won you didn’t complain, now dat ur sister is not wining u don de disturb us, is not only ur sister we have in Nigeria.”

@Anna said; “Baye was voted for by Africa not Nigeria alone.”

@BabygirIRose reacted: “Because them write Mercy name on top Bbn money, this is pure greed from them right now.”

@Nk Nwababy said: “Did what to Brayan Abeg go and rest na phyna suppose win who is Brayan.”

@maishat said: “What about during Tacha and mercy.”

@Patrickbright1947 reacted: “Please what did her sister give us.”

@God’s Light reacted: “Phyna said they gonna cry, and Baye said they will cry blaaaad level of children.”

@achorell reacted: “Madam…this thing no be only Nigerians de vote na take heart enh. Baye the continental Favourite.”

@Tish commented: “Does she also think Bayetribe we’ve just sleeping without not also doing our best.”

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