(video) i won’t be harassed or bullied” – sarah martins fumes, promises to respond to may via her legal team
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Sarah Martins, Nollywood actress and friend to Yul Edochie’s 2nd wife, Judy Austin, has spoken once again after being threatened with a N500M lawsuit by May Edochie (Yul’s first wife).

Recall that May Edochie a few days back had demanded a public apology from Sarah Martins for sharing a photoshopped photo that incorporated herself, her kids, her husband, co-wife Judy Austin and her kid.

She also demanded a full retraction of some defamatory comments she(Sarah) made on Daddy Freeze’s live session about her failing in her duties as a wife which prompted Yul to take a second wife.

May Edochie went on to give a 14-day ultimatum for her to make the apology or get dragged to court and made to pay N500M.In a recent development, Sarah Martins took to her Instagram page to pen a vivid note as regards what occurred.

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She averred that the defamatory comment wasn’t made by her and she even apologized to May in that live video for sharing the photoshopped photo.Sarah held that she won’t be bullied, insulted or harassed by May’s fans.She ended by stating that her legal team will respond soon.

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In her words:

“Swipe to see the honest post made by a renowned lawyer not a fraudster posing as a lawyer!In this video I clearly apologized to your “supposed queen” if she found my photoshopped picture offensive even when she didn’t ask me for an apology!At the end of the Live show, I wrapped it up with yet another another apology to the same “supposed queen” if I uttered any word against her knowingly or unknowingly!

You can see clearly, I wasn’t the one that made the utterances she claimed I made!One Ms or Mrs Sandra James was the one that said all your “supposed queen” claimed I said.No! I won’t keep quiet especially when I am being insulted, harassed and bullied by her so called fans over what I didn’t do.Today, I was physically harassed by her aggressive and uncultured fans and I won’t tolerate such behaviors against me again!


See the video from Daddy Freeze’s live session which she posted below:

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