(Video) “I Wanted To Be A Reverend Sister But I Was Expelled From The Convent” – Actress Beverly Osu Opens Up
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Renowned Nigerian Actress, Beverly Osu, spilled the beans on her past, disclosing that she enrolled in a convent school, nurtured aspirations of donning the holy habit and becoming a reverend sister, but her dreams went up in smoke when she was unceremoniously shown the door.

In the freshest episode of “Tea With Tay,” Temisan delved into a conversation with Beverly Osu, where she spilled the tea on her intriguing past.

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She recounted her mandatory enrollment to become a reverend sister at the exclusive “Daughters of Divine Love” convent school in Lagos, which incidentally was also attended by the famous BBNaija star, Alex Unusual.

During her stint at the convent, Beverly admitted to marching to the beat of her own drum, quite literally, as she served as the drum prefect, playing secular tunes that had her fellow students dancing up a storm. She reminisced about taking on the role of ‘Lucifer’ in a stage play, which had her classmates so spooked that they began to view her as a witch, encountering her even in their nightmares.

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The movie star candidly confessed that her expulsion was a result of her penchant for pushing boundaries and flouting the rules of the convent school, reteirated that  she was quite the rebel with a unique stage presence.

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In a revealing moment, she opens up about her upbringing, highlighting the love in her family despite the challenges.

She discloses that her parents separated when she was around 8 or 9 years old, leading to a broken home.

Beverly shares how the decision to live with her mother was made, despite her initial desire to stay with her father.

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