(Video) “I Gave Ilebaye A Show, She Thinks She’s In Control” – Cross Breaks Silence On Kiss, Kim Oprah
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Cross Okonkwo has thrown a curveball at his supposed love interest, Ilebaye, leaving viewers in shock and awe.

The drama ensued after a passionate kiss between Cross and Ilebaye, which had the entire house buzzing and speculating about his affections for fellow housemate Kim Oprah.

The steamy kiss between Cross and Ilebaye raised eyebrows and sparked discussions among their fellow housemates, including Venita and Seyi.

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During a candid conversation, Venita took it upon herself to caution Cross about the path he was treading.

You already know she (Kim Oprah) is, if you mess this up, she will shut you down straight,” she warned, shedding light on the potential consequences of his actions.

Seyi echoed Venita’s sentiments, reminding Cross that his actions were not going unnoticed.

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“Yeah, it’s not like she hasn’t seen you kiss Ilebaye before. So think about it this night and make up your mind by tomorrow morning and stop wasting saliva in public,” Seyi advised, urging Cross to make a definitive choice.

In response to the growing speculations and opinions, Cross took a bold stance.

straightforwardly stated that despite Ilebaye’s perception of the situation, he was the one truly in control, and not the other way around.

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“Ilebaye thinks I am stupid. She does not know I just gave her a show. She thinks she’s in control,” Cross asserted.

Expanding on his statement, Cross further affirmed his intentions, stating, “I will talk to Kim tomorrow.

See the video below;