(Video) Housemates’ Facial Reactions When Ike’s Actions Were Televised
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A recent incident involving housemate Ike’s covert attempt to provoke fellow contestant Ilebaye has left viewers and fellow housemates stunned.

The incident came to light when Ike’s secret act of scattering Ilebaye’s clothes was captured on camera and subsequently broadcasted for all to witness, causing a frenzy of reactions across social media platforms.

The incident unfolded in the midst of speculation and whispers among housemates about the mysterious individual responsible for the mischievous act of scattering Ilebaye’s belongings.

As tensions rose within the house, the contestants were left to ponder who among them could be capable of such audacious behavior.

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Viewers keenly following the reality show’s latest season were not only treated to the unfolding drama, but also witnessed the unveiling of the mastermind behind the scandalous act.

In a surprising revelation, it was disclosed during a session with Biggie, the omnipresent voice of authority in the house, that Ike was the perpetrator of the disruptive act.

Ike’s motivations behind this covert operation were reportedly aimed at provoking Ilebaye to the point of receiving her third and final strike.

This calculated move could have jeopardized Ilebaye’s stay in the house, potentially leading to her eviction.

The revelation not only exposed Ike’s hidden agenda but also revealed the lengths to which some contestants were willing to go in order to influence the dynamics of the competition.

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The incident has since sent shockwaves throughout the house, sparking intense discussions among housemates and viewers alike.

Social media platforms have been flooded with reactions, with fans expressing their opinions on the morality and ethics of Ike’s actions.

See the video below;

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Netizens reactions …

nuella.manuels opined: “This is how people will watch their sins on the last day”

so__—nia commented: “Just look at ilebaye s face so painful to watch someone do such to you for no justifiable reason”

jullyjulez said: “Seyi and Venita are ev*l”


dazzling_eventzandmore expressed: “Omo…. llebaye has gone through a lot in big brother’s house”

uchanma_beauty said: “I fear these guys , ike , pere , kiddwaya, seyi is the real demon”

festus800 wrote: “That boy should be disqualified already. All his plans are evil”

ruthyibk noted: “everyone should reject an Ike in their lives”

nwokedicharity chided: “Tolani close ur mouth fly go enter”