(Video) Historic Moment In Bbnaija Show As Cross Becomes First Housemate To Take Food To Diary Room; Biggie Reacts
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BBNaija All Stars housemate, Cross Okonkwo has etched his name in the show’s history by becoming the very first contestant to carry a plate of food into the diary room.

This audacious move elicited a surprising response from none other than Biggie himself.

On a seemingly ordinary Wednesday evening, during his designated diary session, Cross brought along a plate of delicious Jollof noodles.

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The housemate, known for his charismatic demeanor and knack for stirring up intriguing scenarios, decided to keep his plate of food aside as he engaged in a conversation with Biggie.

However, what transpired next took both Cross and the audience by surprise.

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The moment his diary session concluded, Cross wasted no time and picked up his plate of food, extending a friendly invitation to Biggie to partake in the culinary delight with him.

Anticipation filled the room as Cross eagerly awaited Biggie’s response, only to be met with a revelation that sent shockwaves through the house.

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Biggie’s response was tactful, suggesting a distinct lack of appeal in the presentation and appearance of the food.

Politely declining Cross’s offer, Biggie’s words echoed a sentiment of the food’s unappetizing nature.

“Do you want some,“ Cross quizzed Big Brother.

“It does not look palatable.” Biggie responded.

See the video below;