(Video) “He Was A Weakling, Parents Should Raise Beasts” – Speed Darlington Mocks Late Mohbad
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Controversial rapper, Speed Darlington has thrown a jab at the late singer, Mohbad, describing him as a weak individual.

This comes in light of videos circulating online that depict Mohbad’s former label boss, Naira Marley, and his associate, Sam Larry, allegedly bullying the musician prior to his untimely death.

Speed Darlington derisively referred to Mohbad as a “weakling” in response to this situation. He pointed out how the singer could have stood up to his aggressors.

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In Speed Darlington’s view, bullies typically target individuals they believe they can easily dominate. They are often afraid of confronting people who might fight back or be stronger than them.

The rapper emphasized the importance of parents raising strong, resilient children and discouraged the cultivation of weakness. He cited Mohbad’s situation as an example to drive home his point.

In his words:

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“Make sure your son is a beast, make sure you produce a beast and not a weakling. I saw too many videos of a dead man, “If anything happens to me, Naira Marley and his boys oo”,

“I was looking at him, like see this weakling. Bully no dey attack person wey go beat am, bully first go size you up, convince himself that he can lick you like ice cream. Bully does not attack people that are stronger than them.”

If say every time they attack this boy, whether they are two or three, one of them pleads profusely, dey wouldn’t do it again. But all he does is carry phone and run up and down. Rest in peace to a dead man. Stop raising a weakling, it can’t happen to me”.

Watch the video below:

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