(Video) “Go And Lose Weight”- Ceec And Tolanibaj Fight Dirty
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In a dramatic turn of events on the latest episode of BBNaija All-Stars, tensions flared as housemates Tolanibaj and Ceec engaged in a heated verbal altercation immediately after the live eviction show on Sunday.

The cause of the confrontation remains shrouded in ambiguity, but it appears to center around a romantic interest, presumably Neo Akpofure.

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The dispute between Tolanibaj and Ceec quickly escalated, with Tolanibaj accusing Ceec, a 30-year-old lawyer, of repeatedly interrupting conversations and displaying a lack of proper social etiquette.

The verbal altercation took an ugly turn when Tolanibaj resorted to body-shaming Ceec, using derogatory language such as “dwarf” and making disparaging comments about her weight.

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Ceec, in her defense, asserted that she had not been addressing Tolanibaj and insinuated that Tolanibaj had initiated the confrontation without any apparent provocation.

Furthermore, Ceec suggested that Tolanibaj exhibited signs of insecurity and conveyed behavior as though she had never interacted with men before, potentially alluding to Tolanibaj’s interactions with Neo.

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The incident has ignited a flurry of opinions among the show’s viewers, sparking a range of perspectives on the altercation.

Social media platforms have been flooded with reactions from fans and viewers who express a diverse array of viewpoints about the confrontation between Tolanibaj and Ceec.

See the video below;