(Video) Farida Sobowale Rescued After Suicide Attempt On Third Mainland Bridge
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In a harrowing incident that transpired on the Third Mainland Bridge, Farida Sobowale, a well-known Lagos socialite with deep ties to the prestigious House of Phreeda, was saved from a tragic suicide attempt by vigilant passersby.

Sobowale had been on the verge of plunging into the depths of the Third Mainland lagoon, her despair driven by reports of a marital breakdown.

Eyewitnesses on the scene recounted the distressing sight of Sobowale, dressed entirely in mourning attire, maneuvering her white Lexus car to the very edge of the bridge.

The somber air was disrupted by the timely intervention of observant pedestrians who acted swiftly, preventing what could have been a fatal leap.

The incident was a stark illustration of the devastating impact of suicide, particularly amid the throes of emotional turmoil.

Videos capturing the heart-wrenching event quickly spread across social media platforms, laying bare Sobowale’s emotional turmoil as she was brought to safety.

The incident followed earlier reports indicating the dissolution of Sobowale’s marriage, which had once been celebrated in a lavish ceremony with her partner, Demola.

These personal trials had evidently taken a toll on her mental well-being, culminating in this desperate act.

See the video below;