(Video) Fans Organise Procession In Honour Of Wizkid’s Late Mom
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Fans and friends of Ace Afrobeats singer Wizkid gathered for a solemn procession to honor the memory of the singer late mother.

Wizkid recently suffered the loss of his beloved mother under undisclosed circumstances.

The singer, who had been deeply affected by the loss, returned to Nigeria to attend the burial, scheduled for the 12th of October.

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Amidst an outpouring of condolences and support from fans, the procession served as a heartfelt gesture to express their sympathy and remember the singer’s mother.

Clad in somber all-black attire, a number of fans and well-wishers solemnly walked through the streets, carrying a framed photograph of Wizkid’s late mother.

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The procession, organized spontaneously by devoted fans and friends of Wizkid, proceeded through undisclosed city streets, with participants displaying a united front.

The group was also accompanied by members of the Nigerian Police Force, who ensured the safety and orderliness of the event, as the large gathering garnered considerable attention.

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In other news,  the Nigerian global sensation, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, affectionately referred to as Wizkid, has made his way back to his hometown of Lagos.

He’s back in town to make preparations for his mother’s burial, a significant event scheduled for October 12.

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