(Video) “Doyin Is A Bastard For Mentioning My Children” – Venita Fires Back As Doyin Confronts Her Over Ike’s Actions
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The Big Brother Naija Season 8 All Stars edition has witnessed a fiery clash of words between housemates Venita and Doyin.

Tensions escalated when Doyin confronted Venita for her alleged complicity in an incident involving fellow housemate Ike and Ilebaye.

The confrontation quickly turned into a heated exchange, with both parties delivering scathing remarks that have left fans and viewers stunned.

The incident unfolded when Doyin discovered that Venita had been present during an episode where Ike reportedly disrupted Ilebaye’s belongings.

Expressing her disappointment, Doyin accused Venita of not standing up against such behavior, especially since both of them are women who should support each other.

Doyin’s criticism took a bitter turn as she resorted to name-calling, prompting Venita to respond in kind.

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Venita’s fiery comeback did not mince words. She labeled Doyin an “opportunist,” accusing her of seeking sympathy through Ilebaye.

Venita’s strong retort took aim at Doyin’s perceived insincerity, highlighting instances where Doyin’s actions contradicted her claims of loyalty.

Venita also referenced Doyin’s interactions with another housemate, Cross, suggesting that Doyin’s intentions might not be as pure as she portrayed them.

In her words;

“Doyin is a bastaard, she dey mention my children. You dey cry pass the pesin wey dem inflict but you never pick her for a team during tasks. You’re screaming loyalty but today you still dey toast Cross and you know Ilebaye likes Cross. You’re trying to be Mercy 2019, you can never be her. Smelly rotten ting. Detty sneaky beech!”

See the video below

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Netizens Reactions…

___omololasilver___: “She said you are a mother of 2 children..you are a mother so act like one and she’s not capping.”

official_temie: “How can you pretend to be loyal to someone you really don’t give a f about…it’s really crazy man!…own up to your sh*t…I hate hypocrites….she knows people will want to vote aggressively for baye and she’s trying to shine from that.”

deny_yinz: “Omo Venita finish Doyin. wetin be dehydrated panla fish? Venita mouth no good at all, Adekunle please don’t ever offend this woman o, if not she will finish you with mouth. Omo reunion go hot.”

historylovers_001: “This Venbitter Lady just is just beautiful outside , but her character is of Old witch women in the village.”

osagieisioma: “All I see is guilty conscience at play, trying to make herself feel better but she is dying inside. In all, it is Adekunle I pity. cos if he is not careful, even his family members will collect from venita.”

iam_karl3x: “Omo I no suppose laugh but this venitta insults to DOYIN Dey touch oo very deep but she just on d wrong side n shud sh^t up.”