(Video) “Chioma Got Her Body Done, But It’s Trash” – Anita Brown Blows Hot, Lambastes African Women
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The US-based alleged pregnant side chic of singer Davido, Anita Brown has heavily slammed Chioma Rowland and African women as a whole.

Exploding in an Instagram live session, Anita Brown accused Chioma of going under the knife, she however noted that Chioma’s body is trash.

Anita Brown further shamed all African women while insinuating their inferiority to American ladies. She disclosed that this is why African men come to America and pay heavily to sleep with foreign women.

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Firing hot shades at Chioma, she avowed that she can never get married to a man that sleeps with different ladies in 2 – 3 days, thereby infecting his wife with STDs.

nita Brown described herself as a hard-working lady living comfortably.

Recall that a few weeks back, Anita Brown while dragging Davido also involved Chioma whom she accused of sleeping with Peruzzi.

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She also insinuated that Davido’s cousin, Clarks Adeleke must have had carnal knowledge of Chioma due to how he attempted to sweet-talk her (Anita) into coming over to his place.

Watch Anita Brown blast Chioma and African women below:

Anita’s rant comes a few days after she sampled a diss track against Davido.

She uploaded a clip of the diss track titled ‘Womanizer’ on her Instagram account, while excitedly singing along to it.

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The song’s lyrics include the line, “Everyone you’re married but I didn’t know. Tell me why you lied to me and why you are putting up with me. Womanizer… Womanizer!”

However, the song has elicited conflicting comments from Davido’s fans, who chastised her for not knowing when to stop.