(video) bbnaija s7: watch how khalid and daniella bond under duvet.
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Yesterday was a day of Eviction jitters for the Level 2 Housemates, Khalid and Daniella seemed to find a way to cope with the stress. The two Housemates, who have gotten close over the past few days, hopped into one of the Level 2 beds and took a break from their fellow Housemates.

Khalid and Daniella disappeared under the covers and got comfortable, and all anyone could get a glimpse of was the top of each of their respective heads. The tender moment was interrupted by Kess who walked in after having taken his shower, wanting to get dressed. Daniella and Khalid were not fazed by his sudden appearance and kept the covers firmly held over their heads. A curious Kess got to work lotioning up, casting a curious glance at bed while at it.

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As if three wasn’t a crowd, Ilebaye walked into the room moments after Kess and was then joined by Bryann. Khalid and Daniella’s little break came to an abrupt end when Big Brother told all the Level 2 Housemates to gather in the Garden in preparation for their Eviction Diary Sessions.

Later on in the evening at lights-out, Khalid and Daniella hopped into bed together again and instead of falling asleep, the pair pulled the covers over their heads. Many #BBNaija fans on social media swore they saw the duvet move, but could that only have been restlessness? 🤔

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