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The level one house got heated up on Tuesday evening after housemates Sheggz and Adekunle came to near fisticuffs seemingly over food.The f!ght escalated from a short exchange of words. Sheggz called Adekunle ‘$tup!d,’ and he went on to say he didn’t think Adekunle was ‘intellectual’ as he went to a better school than him.

The word ‘$tup!d’ triggered Adekunle, and he had an intense outburst. According to him, he ‘was ready to f!ght’ Sheggz even if it meant getting a strike.The Level 1 housemates were able to separate the f!ght before it got physical.

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Prior to their row, the housemates have hardly been on great terms. Sheggz had shared his reservation for the former Head of House a number of times especially regarding his perceived notion that the latter could not be trusted.


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