(Video) BBNaija All Stars: “I Saw Myself Sleeping With Neo in My Dream” – Cee-C Discloses
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Cee-C, one of the BBNaija All Stars housemates, recently shared a dream she had with her fellow housemate, Omashola, in which she vividly recounted an intimate encounter with another housemate, Neo.

The scene unfolded in the garden area of the house, with CeeC surrounded by a few other housemates, including Neo, Omashola, and several others. She initiated the conversation by saying:

“I had a dream, but my dream is quite clear, it doesn’t need interpretation. I was knacking somebody.”

With a tone of confidence, Cee-C asserted that the dream occurred within the confines of the Big Brother house and involved a specific individual whose face she could clearly identify.

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Curious, Omashola inquired if she could reveal the identity of the person in her dream, to which CeeC leaned in closer to him, emphasizing that there was no need for interpretation but hinting that the person she dreamt about was someone who often engaged in whispered conversations within the house.

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Shortly thereafter, she advanced towards Omashola and pointed at Neo, noting that he’s the one she was ‘knacking’.

In response, Omashola noted that it was the second time she was having a romantic encounter with Neo in a dream.

Watch the video below:

@blessed_joe wrote: “Konji wan kee people. wet dream to the rescue. nothing spiritual there.. just sex starvation.”

@ussif42 wrote: “I know understand her level of actions and bitterness .. na her spiritual husband Dey couse so.”

Reacting, @pricyt wrote: “Spartans u gone ooooo a spiritual husband will never allow u to win in life…she shdnt even say in public, she shd av played abt it…she’s not Wing.”

@Claraliz1134 wrote: “Maybe Big brother don use annoiting oil this year. I don’t think the housemates are joking with their nightmare.”