(Video) Bbnaija All Stars: Adekunle Rallies Up Housemates To Sing For His ‘Love Interest’ Venita
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Adekunle is determined to mend fences with his love interest, Venita, as he eagerly gathered the other housemates to plan a heartwarming gesture in hopes of seeking forgiveness from Venita.

Recall that tensions had arose between Adekunle and Venita over the weekend as the duo has been embroiled in misunderstandings, leading to Adekunle opting to sleep on the couch instead of sharing a bed with Venita.

In the early hours of Sunday, Venita Akpofure was spotted crying as she lamented to Alex and Kim about her situation with her lover, Adekunle,

However, in the late hours of Sunday, Adekunle gathered a few of the housemates, including NeoEnergy, Angel, Soma, and Pere, to sing with him and plead for Venita’s forgiveness so they may reunite as couples.

In a related story, Venita rubbishes her love interest, Adekunle, for publicly humiliating her 

The Big Brother Naija All Stars house witnessed yet another fiery exchange between contestants Venita and Adekunle, as their relationship drama took a public turn on Sunday evening.

The episode began earlier in the day, causing Venita to shed tears and Adekunle to open up about their relationship struggles to Big Brother.

However, the climax came when Venita confronted Adekunle, accusing him of sharing their private matters with other housemates.

In a heated argument that could be heard throughout the house, Venita scolded Adekunle for his alleged betrayal of their trust.

She emphasized that if Adekunle had stuck to their usual routine of going to bed together, their personal affairs would not have become fodder for gossip among their fellow housemates.

“If he came to bed normal, would anyone be asking me any questions? Don’t act like you don’t know what you did! You murdered me publicly. What you did is wrong!” Venita said in a loud voice during their confrontation.