Uriel reveals why she had to lose weight
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The mystery behind reality star Uriel Oputa losing some weight has been revealed as she revealed why she chose it.

The former Big Brother Naija reality star released before and after images explaining that she needed to lose weight for health reasons despite liking her old form.

Uriel Oputa documented her weight loss journey on Instagram, stating that her family has a history of high blood pressure and cancer, and that she doesn’t want her kids to go through what she and her siblings went through with their mother.

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Her weight loss has paid off, she continued, according to recent medical tests. She claimed she had had an ovarian cyst for years, but it was gone after a checkup yesterday.

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She wrote:

“If you have a family history of high blood pressure and stroke, even cancer, make changes. I would prefer grape to chocolate, or better chocolate covered grapes.

“I went for a full health check with mecure…from checking my cervical cancer, my blood, hepatitis, brain scan, STD everything. Everything came back healthy.

“So I’m not losing weight, I’m changing my life. I don’t want my kids to go through what my brothers and I went through with my mom.

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“My body was fire, but I was not healthy, can you imagine I had an ovarian cyst for years. We checked yesterday if it had gone crazy ooo…”

“My butt doesn’t want to shrink. Please don’t forget to drink 2 liters of water today”

Uriel reveals why she had to lose weight

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