Uba ussd codes for all transactions
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In today’s mobile banking guide we’ll show you the UBA USSD codes for all transactions Including, block debit cards, freezing online transactions, and how to check UBA bank account balance on your phone via the USSD code, SMS, and Mobile Banking application.

With these UBA USSD codes, you can apply for all payments directly through your sports wallet, plane tickets, bill payment, and fund more. With UBA Bank Nigeria enjoy unlimited digital banking in Nigeria. We will guide you to use the USSD PIN to make a balance inquiry to all services and pay all your bills using the UBA USSD codes.

How to Check Your Bank Account Balance Online

Verifying your online account balance is very easy using the internet banking UBA website.

This means you can check can sign up online at the UBA bank portal and your balance on your console.

Make sure you have an active internet connection on your phone or laptop before the UBA Banking Portal online opens.

All UBA USSD Codes For All Transactions

Here comes all UBA USSD codes for all transactions you can make all payments directly to your sports wallet, plane tickets, bill payment, and fund more. With UBA Bank Nigeria enjoy unlimited digital banking in Nigeria.

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UBA USSD codes for all transactions

Category                                             Transaction Type                   Magic Banking Code

  • Airline Tickets                         Airline Tickets Menu               *919*12#
  • Airline Tickets                         Ethiopian Airline                     *919*12*071#
  • Airline Tickets                         Africa World Airline                *919*12*394#
  • Airline Tickets                         Lufthansa Airline                     *919*12*220#
  • Airline Tickets                         Egypt Airline                           *919*12*077#
  • Airline Tickets                         Turkish Airline                         *919*12*235#
  • Airline Tickets                         Qatar Airways                         *919*12*157#
  • Airline Tickets                         British Airways                        *919*12*125#
  • Airline Tickets                         KLM Royal Dutch Airline         *919*12*74#
  • Airline Tickets                         South African Airways             *919*12*83#
  • Airline Tickets                         Etihad Airways                        *919*12*607#
  • Airline Tickets                         Virgin Atlantic Airline             *919*12*932#
  • Airline Tickets                         Royal Air Morocco                  *919*12*147#
  • Airline Tickets                         Rwanda Air                             *919*12*459#
  • Airline Tickets                         Kenya Airways                         *919*12*706#
  • Airline Tickets                         Delta Air Lines                                    *919*12*6#
  • Airline Tickets                         Air France                               *919*12*57#
  • Airline Tickets                         Emirates                                  *919*12*176#
  • Airtime Purchase                    Top-up for self                                    *919*amount#
  • Balance Enquiry                      Check Balance                                    *919*00#
  • Bill Payments                          Other Bills Payment                *919*5#
  • Bill Payments                          Check LCC e-tag balance        *919*16*1#
  • Bill Payments                          Top-Up LCC e-tag                    *919*16*2#
  • Bill Payments                          Konga Payment                       *919*15*RefID#
  • Bill Payments                          DSTV and GOTV Payment       *919*5*2#
  • Bill Payments                          Taxes and Levies                     *919*13#
  • Data Purchase                         Buy Data (Self)                                    *919*14#
  • Data Purchase                         Buy Data (3rd Party)               *919*14*Phone number#
  • Data Purchase Smile               Data Top-up                            *919*23#
  • Lifestyle                                   Purchase Event Tickets           *919*7#
  • Others                                     Generate OTP                         *919*8#
  • Others                                     Block Debit Card                     *919*10#
  • Others                                     Freeze Online Transactions    *919*9#
  • Others                                     Retrieve BVN                          *919*18#
  • Others                                     My Bank Statement                *919*21#
  • Others                                     ARM Pensions                        *919*27*1#
  • Others                                     Oak Pensions                           *919*27*2#
  • Others                                     Load UBA Prepaid Card          *919*32#
  • Others                                     Click Credit                             *919*28#
  • Paycode                                   ATM Cardless Withdrawal      *919*30*amount#
  • Self-Enrolment                        Registration                            *919*0#
  • Sports Wallet Funding             Baba Ijebu Funding                 *919*26*1#
  • Sports Wallet Funding             Bet9ja                          *919*22*walletID*amount#
  • Sports Wallet Funding             Lottomania Wallet Funding    *919*26*2#
  • Sports Wallet Funding             Betking Wallet Funding          *919*26*amount#
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Why should you get to know your remaining balance?

There are some advantages to the UBA verification code Ballet USSD in your account status to use. It will help you know if you have no money or approaching the minimum balance of the Bank of the UBA.

Due to verifying your status on your phone, you can have a real-time UBA balance query, and you do not visit the bank to know that information.

How to Check UBA Bank Account Balance Using USSD or PIN

To verify the balance of your account, the USSD code to dial * 919 #.

After dialing the USSD code on your phone, follow the instructions on the screen to get the current balance of your bank account.

The important thing is that you enter your PIN before your balance is displayed.

That’s all you need to do when checking your balance using the UBA transfer code.

For whatever reason, the previous code does not work for you, you must register for Mobile Banking USD code * 919 # to call and follow the registration instructions.

UBA Mobile App – How to Check UBA Bank Account Balance on Mobile App

In most cases, you may use the method of the above USSD code for the UBA bank. You can also use the UBA Mobile application to verify your balance.

  • Download this, the Google Play Store UBA Mobile Application or Apple App Store.
  • After downloading the application, you must log in with your UBA bank details.

If you have not registered, you must register before using the mobile to verify your balance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the UBA USSD code work in Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9Mobile?

Yes. You can check your bank balance or extract the phone number registered with one of the mobile networks.

I forgot my PIN. How can I change my PIN or Reset it?

Check * 919 # and select “SETTINGS PIN ‘to change your PIN/reset

What are the transaction limits available on USSD?

The current limits are:

  • PIN – N20.000 per transaction per day, and
  • Token – N1m per transaction and per day (for customers with token but no compensation)

Note: the purchase of air time is limited to N5.000 per day and requires only PIN Authentication

Can I use my account and prepaid card included in the same profile?

You can sign in to your bank account or prepaid card. You cannot register in the same profile.

What do I need to qualify for this service?

You must register for the SMS alert and the number that marks the code should be kept in the account / prepaid card that you attempt to register.

Will they charge me if I will register for the first time?

No, as a new user registration is free. However, you pay N6.98 per session of USSD for the subsequent transaction as an existing user.

How can I sign up for USSD (Magic Banking)?

There are two recording options:

To do this, dial *919# to see the Main Menu and select your desired option.

If the user is not yet registered, she/he would be presented with registration options:

  • With UBA Account
  • With UBA Prepaid Card

Conclusion – UBA USSD codes for all transactions

With these UBA USSD codes for all transactions, you can apply for all payments directly to your sports wallet, plane tickets, bill payment, and fund more. With UBA Bank Nigeria enjoy unlimited digital banking in Nigeria.