Tonto Dikeh's Ex Debunks Rumor That DSS Hi...
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The fight between actress Tonto Dikeh and her politician ex-boyfriend Prince Kpokpogri is getting messier as DSS is reportedly picking him up, a rumor he debunked on his Instagram Live Wednesday night.

As shown in a recently published online document by Dikeh’s lawyer, Festus Keymao, Kpokpogri was accused of installing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) on private property in his residence, which he staged to blackmail her.

Tonto Dikeh's Ex Debunks Rumor That DSS Hi...

It was alleged that Kpokpogri demanded the sum of N5 million from Dikeh and threatened to release her nude photos if she did not comply with his demand.

In the document, Kpokpogri was also accused of obtaining N8 million from Dikeh but was only able to repay N6 million with an outstanding balance of two million naira. It has also been claimed that a 2021 Toyota Hilux purchased and registered in Tonto’s name is Kpokpogri owned and he is unwilling to release it.

Tonto Dikeh's Ex Debunks Rumor That DSS Hi...Tonto Dikeh's Ex Debunks Rumor That DSS Hi...Tonto Dikeh's Ex Debunks Rumor That DSS Hi...

After the rumor surfaced on the internet, Kpokpogri took to Instagram to denounce it as untrue. According to him, if Dikeh has something against him, he should go to the appropriate authority and file her petition.

“I forbid my house, there are rumors that he has been picked by DSS. If you have information about someone, it is not to come to social media and spew nonsense. Come out with your evidence, present it to the public .

“I want the general public to ignore that rumor going up and down that I’ve been picked by DSS. That’s why I came on Live.

Tonto Dikeh's Ex Debunks Rumor That DSS Hi...

“You can’t carry my vehicle and park it on your property. A motorcycle that you can’t buy until you die. Then you think you want to use DSS or you want to use Nigeria’s security service to do your ax work. This is Nigeria, where we are governed by law.

“If you have something against me, go put it somewhere, have them invite me, I’ll go there. I have every opportunity to defend myself.

“Show the evidence to the public. I’m not supposed to do this, but I have to come out and do this.”

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